A New Look For a Purple Cabinet

Hello!!!  I have a fun project to share with you today.  A few months ago one of my neighbors asked me to paint a purple cabinet she had bought at a garage sale.  She's got the patience of a saint because it took me a long time to get to this one.  I had a lot of other commitments and finally had time to give this purple cabinet a new look.

Here's how the cabinet looked before:

My neighbor wanted the cabinet to be a similar finish to be like this dresser I did three years ago.  

I got started painting and decided to use Vintage Linen by Debi's Design Diary.  I'm a big fan of this paint!

This purple cabinet was stubborn and needed 4 coats of paint to cover that lovely color.  After the paint was dry it was time to wax.

I learned awhile ago, that it's a lot easier to use dark wax if you mix it with some clear.  The ratio I use depends on how dark I want the wax.  On this project I used about 3/4 dark to 1/4 clear.

I like to mix the paint on an aluminum foil covered plate.  It's an easy way to mix it up, then if you don't use it all you can wrap it up in the foil and use it again another time.  

 I gave the cabinet a coat of wax, then in the places I wanted darker I added a bit more dark wax.

Here's the cabinet all done and ready to go home!

My favorite part of the cabinet is the hardware.  

Here you can see a bit more of the depth in the paint from the wax. 

When my neighbor came to pick up her cabinet she was very happy with the outcome.  I have to admit I was sad to see this one go!

Thanks so much for reading!!  Have a great week!

Furniture Refresh Girls October Theme "Inspired By"

Hello!!!  I'm happy you're here!  This is a big occasion for My Passion For Decor and several other bloggers because this is our first installment of 'Furniture Refresh'.   Each month myself and the other bloggers will share our project for our 'Furniture Refresh' theme.  This month our theme is Inspired By....this can be anything from Fall, to the color white or in my case French country design.  
Let's get this party started shall we?!

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Kid's Desk

Hello!!  I have a fun project to tell you about today!!

Last week I was out shopping with some friends.  It just so happened the one friend was picking up a vintage table they bought on a local Facebook garage sale page.  When we got to the house the owner had quite a few great pieces for sale.  

I spied this beat up, dirty and stained solid oak school desk.  I have a true love of desks.  They're not the easiest to refinish, but I'm always drawn to desks and I enjoy working on them.  Luckily I was able to purchase the desk and get it home the same day, thanks to my friends big SUV!

September FFFC Geometric Design...Don't upholster, Paint!

Hello!!  I'm excited to show you my project for the The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest!!  This months challenge was to create a geometric project.  I thought long and hard about what to do and came up empty.  This all changed when I came across a stained and out of date upholstered cane chair.  
I've always wanted to paint upholstery and this project was perfect.  Not only could I make it geometric, but I could try painting fabric!

My Adoption Story and Coming To Terms With My Story

I know this is the place I normally share my DIY projects, home design and makeovers, but today I'm doing something a little different.

I'm sure not many of you know, unless you follow me on Facebook,  that I'm adopted.  I was adopted by my parents from LA County adoptions when I was three days old.  I was lucky enough to have a family that wanted a child and was willing to open their home to a stranger's baby.  

When I was 6, my parents told me I was adopted.  Looking back, I can't remember what my reaction was.  I do know that ever since that day I fantasized about who my birth Mother was and why she would give me away. The fact that I am adopted has deeply affected me all through my life.  

Vintage Trunk Turned Coffee Table

This is a quick post today.  I know, quick posts are not my thing normally, but this project doesn't require a ton of explanation so I will keep it short.

I've had this vintage trunk for a couple years.  It's had a few different looks.  First I used it as a coffee table without feet or casters on the bottom.  Then I used it as a little table under a window to display globes.  Another use...I added legs to the bottom so I could use it as a coffee table.  It looked great with legs, but one day the legs decided to come off the bottom.  Project fail!

From Ugly Cubby to Cool Storage

Hello!!!  It's that time of year....that dreaded back to school season.  I have to admit I really enjoyed my summer and I don't feel like school should have started in the middle of August.  Anyway, with school starting, my mind always goes to organization.  I have to make a confession....I'm not organized in any way shape or form.  It's not really in my DNA, but I really do try!