Making A Craft Room Out Of a Storage Room

Like I mentioned in my last posting, I've been sick for 4 days.  I only mention this because lying in bed gives a person LOTS of time to think.  This I believe is the singular benefit of being sick.  While lying there thinking I wondered to myself how I could forge out a space for myself to do crafts, paint or even blog?  The only space that I could think of using was a storage area on the way to the office in the basement, but how could I make this into a craft room?!  I realized after dragging myself out of bed and going downstairs to check out the space that it was totally doable!  We had a desk in storage in the garage and it fit perfectly.  After kindly asking my wonderful Husband to move the desk from the garage to the basement the room started to come together.  I should mention here that he thought I was crazy and even mentioned that he didn't think I would use the space.  I knew I could prove him wrong (as usual...LOL).  

We worked on organizing the area, I say 'we' because his office is on the other side of the 'craft area-storage room.'  This meant we both had to figure out where to put all this stuff that was still sitting out from the move.  One thing I've learned with moving to a smaller home is it's important to be organized!   With a lot of work and some negotiating about what was going to go the space was looking more and more like a craft/office area. 

I made a big blogging error....I forgot to take a before picture!  Oh well, lesson learned.  I'm hoping from the after pictures you'll be able to see what the space used to be like.  Just use your imagination OK?  :-)

The best thing about this storage area is the color of the walls...Purple!!  OK, I've never been a fan of purple, but I love the color in here.  It just works and I was lucky because it meant I didn't need to paint it.  The color really works with all the white shelving in the space.  It feels warm and welcoming...the perfect place to be creative!

I realized I needed a few things for the walls so I took a quick trip to Home Goods.   I love that store!  I always feel like I'm on a treasure hunt and today was no different.  I found the chalkboard decal on clearance for $8, then the bulletin board (with Eiffel Tower push pins no less) for $16 and the frame I got from Target for $9.99.  The picture in the frame I took in the spring of some peonies from our yard so that was free!  The glass canisters on the desk are also from Home Goods and were $20 for all three. The clock, the lamp, chair, and desk I already had so that didn't cost me a thing.  All in the new craft area cost under $50!  

This is the view from the door and I took it to show all the shelving in this space.  Again this was only a storage area with hanging rods for clothing and shelves.  Take down the hanging rods and put in a desk that's all it took.  So easy!!

This is a view of the other side of the area.  You can see the hanging rods on this side, these same rods were on the other side above where I put the desk.

From here you can see the metal brackets for the hanging rods.

This is the view toward the door.  The door is just to the left of the shelves.  Again TONS of shelves!  I already had the boxes (from IKEA 3 years ago) so another thing I didn't have to buy.  Now I can't wait until I get back to feeling like myself so I can go down and make something!  Oh I forgot to mention the only thing that's missing from my space is the Silhouette Cameo I keep begging Steve to buy me.  Maybe now that he sees that I made this space out of a storage area he'll think I have the vision enough to own one :-)


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