From A Schoolhouse To A Guest Bedroom?

One day last week I was driving by an antique store in town.  This store is interesting because it's filled to the rafters with furniture and I have no idea what's in there because its so cluttered.  The man who owns the store knows exactly what's in every nook and cranny though.  I went in the store looking for a coffee table and hoping to find a steamer trunk on this particular day.  When the owner of the store came to help me he tried to sell me everything, but what I was there for.  After 20 minutes I was ready to go.  On my way out the door something in the bushes, yes the bushes, caught my eye!  It was an old desk from a school.  I asked the man about it and he was shocked that I'd even be interested in this neglected little desk.  The poor little thing was calling out to me to take it home!  Remember, I have a soft spot for scarred, ugly, unloved pieces :-)  After he told me it was $10 I took a closer look and realized I had JUST the spot for my little orphan!  I wiped the dirt and leaves off my new baby and popper her in the car.

Here's what the desk looked like once I got it home.  I wish I'd had my camera with me so I could have shown you where it was and how much dirt was on it before I put it in the car!

This is what I loved about this piece...the patina on the top. 

Yep, if you look on the leg and crossbar you can see a bit of green mold!

I had to put some wood glue, well a lot of wood glue, all along the middle as the desk was coming apart.  I clamped it for a few hours and it's as good as new!

I gave the desk a nice sanding, but not too much on the top.  I really wanted to keep some of that cool patina, but needed to smooth it down a bit after all the neglect it had a lot of warts on top not to mention dirt and dried on bugs :-)

I knew exactly where I wanted to put this little desk...the guest bedroom.  I had stolen the guest bedroom nightstand to go by a chair in my master bedroom so I needed something to put a lamp on in the guest bedroom.   I knew it would be perfect for that space, especially because there's a shelf on the desk for magazines or books, etc.

After my quick sanding, I went to my old standby Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I wanted to use the Cocoa color more prominently this time.  The guest bedroom is blue and brown so I figured this would be the perfect look for that room.  I used the Old White color again, but in a wash on the top.  I used one part water and one part paint then simply painted it on and wiped it off with a cloth right after.  I loved the way it looked.  it still showed all that cool patina, but sealed the wood nicely.

A quick coat of clear wax, then another coat of dark wax, finished by a coat of wax and I was done!  From start to finish this piece took me about 3 hours.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day out and I enjoyed every minute!

Here it much prettier now!  Still has some patina, but the wood is nicely sealed now and won't be sitting outside anytime soon :-)  Makes me feel like sitting down with my pencil and taking a quiz...LOL

I had to ask the hubby to take the nightstand upstairs to the guest bedroom because this thing is SOLID wood and heavy!  Even he was surprised at how much this thing weighed!  Well worth my $10.

And here it is in it's new home!!!  It fits perfectly in the space and offers a lot of storage.  The mirror leaning on top, I had and gave it a coat of paint and a bit of wax.  I love mirrors in a room because of how much light they reflect!   Everything on the nightstand I already owned as well!

Now all the room needs is a guest or two!  OH and it also needs a few pictures....all in good time!  I'm quite happy with how my schoolhouse desk turned nightstand turned out.  I took a little, neglected, orphan desk and gave it some love and a warm place to stay :-)  I go into the guest bedroom and peak at it every day to make sure it's happy.


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