A Generous Friend And A Beautiful Coffee Table

One day last week I had lunch with 3 incredible women I've met while living in Connecticut.  I count myself very lucky to have lived here for a year and a half and have met so many wonderful friends that I know I'll have in my life forever.   Moving around a lot isn't easy!  I used to think how glamorous and fun it would be to move from place to place meeting new people and seeing new things.  Well, now that I'm a bit older I'm kinda past that.  When I moved here in October of 2010, I didn't know anyone and it was really intimidating to be moving to another new place.  I started going to a new gym in town and no one was friendly or welcoming.  I really started to lose hope in mankind!  I kid you not...I thought everyone in Connecticut fit the stereotype of rude East Coaster!  That was until I quit that gym and started going to a new one in December 2010.  I signed up to meet with a personal trainer named Kimmie and while she was talking to me about my goals, etc she asked me where I was from.  I was SO embarrassed because I started to cry!!  She was so kind and caring....she didn't judge me or make me feel bad about the show of emotion.  Instead she listened to me and welcomed me into her workout group where I made so many amazing friends.  Yes, I know I'm supposed to be writing a blog about furniture and design, but this all has a purpose...trust me :-)

After lunch Kimmie told us she was cleaning out some of her things and wanted us to come over and see if we wanted anything.  I was thrilled!  She has impeccable taste and I knew anything she was giving away was going to be nice.  Last fall she'd given me a huge, and I mean HUGE, hutch that I refinished.  When I left her house, my car was FULL!  

She gave me a coffee table that she'd had sitting in her garage and I instantly fell in love with it.  I had bought a coffee table at Restore a couple months back with plans to turn it into an ottoman, but realized it was too big for the my family room.  I had a coffee table, but it wasn't really working in the space.  The one she gave me was smaller and lower to the ground, which is what we were looking.

Here's a picture of the table after I brought it home.  You can see in this picture there's a space at the front where something is missing.  There's a drawer that goes here and it was in two pieces and in need of some repair.

All I had to do was put some wood glue on the pieces and then clamp them together!

This is how the top looked.

I couldn't wait to get started and immediately after I got home I sanded the top.  Underneath all the scratches and the old varnish was a beautiful wood top.

Two coats of Minwax Dark Walnut stain and some Annie Sloan Wax and the top was beautiful again!!

I painted the rest of the table with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White.  This is how it looked after two coats.  Already looks great!  I know I always go on and on about the ASCP, but I tell you this stuff is the best paint I've ever used!  I definitely don't get paid to say that either.  The paint goes on so nicely, doesn't drip, washes up easily with water and distresses perfectly. 

After a coat of wax, some distressing, a coat of dark wax and a final coat of clear wax I was done!!  This table was a bear.  The columns, the curves, the fact it was so low were all tough, but worth all the hard work.  I think it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

I love all the details and how they pop with the paint, dark wax and the distressing.  

I also have to mention one other thing....I'm kinda in love with the balls on the table :-)  They are old bocce balls I got at my favorite antique store for only $5 for 4!  There's an old white one you can't see from this angle.  I'm also a bit obsessed with milk glass right now.  I got this milk glass vase at Goodwill for $2!

Now I have a lot more space.  The coffee table is the perfect height and I love that it has a hidden drawer!

One last look....isn't it purdy??!

I feel very lucky to have such a generous friend who is not only generous, but extremely kind and compassionate.  She gave me just what I needed....a listening ear and the nudge I needed to get out there and meet new people.   Now I have a beautiful and unique coffee table the whole family loves!!  I've already warned Steve and Hunter that the first one who scratches it or spills on it is a dead man :-)


  1. just gorgeous as always and even more meaningful from who its from...no matter where lifes path leads you, you will always have something to remind you of your friends:) xoxox

  2. Wow Melody. I love the way this table came out, plus I love you left the top in the wood finish, just lovely. Great job!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I still can't believe my friend gave it away :-)

  3. Looks wonderful!!! Thanks for the detailed description!