I'm Crazy In Love With Lilacs

Ever since I can remember I wanted a lilac bush in my yard.  At our last home we had plans to plant one, but the property was already landscaped and there wasn't much room with the pool.  It seems no matter what house we lived in it just didn't work.  I'm a big lilac lover!  Funny story, when my Husband and I were first married and living in Canada we were living in an area where a lot of the houses had lilac bushes, but not ours.  One night after it got dark I told him I wanted to go cut some flowers off the neighbors tree.  Yes, I suppose that's trespassing AND stealing, but it was only a few little purple flowers!  Anyway, we went out with our scissors in hand to covertly acquire some lilacs.  Once we got there, my Husband cut a few then I heard a noise and said, "I can't do this!" and ran off leaving him standing in the neighbors yard holding scissors and some flowers.  What can I say?  I just can't break the law...I'm a huge chicken.  So to say I love lilacs is an understatement :-)

After we came home from vacation on the  weekend I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see a very nice lilac bush!  It was in our yard and I was so excited I even did a happy dance!   Even though it was pouring rain, I went out with my umbrella and cut a few flowers off the bush and put them in a milk glass vase.  They made the house smell so amazing and spring-like!  Today when i got home I realized the flowers I had cut were done so I went out and cut some more.  Those tiny, little, purpley pink flowers have me hooked and I just can't get enough.  Today I cut enough for 3 vases worth and my house smells like spring.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of my little beauties......

I put the flowers in a little Ball jar I had and then put the jar in this watering can.  The watering can was from Target in their dollar area and I paid $2.50 for it.  It was galvanized metal, but I put a coat of matte black spray paint on it and I think it's so cute!  

How can you not smile when you see these little flowers?

I have no idea how long lilacs bloom or are in season and I don't even want to think about it.  I'm enjoying these little bits of spring in the house.  Although my Son told me he couldn't believe I would hurt nature like that.  I told him I don't stand outside all day staring at the flowers so I needed to bring some inside.  He said, "Maybe you should put some in your car then."  Hmmmmm now there's an idea!


  1. They are gorgeous, and smell soooo wonderful too. Glad you finally got to put a bush in your yard.
    Im now following you, so please come visit me at PICKINandPAINTIN.blogspot.com and hopefully you'll decide to follow back. THANKS.

  2. Thanks for stopping!! I will definitely return the favor and follow you as well. Hope you stop by again :-)

  3. Lilacs are a true sign of spring....ours are almost ready to bloom but it looks like you're a couple of weeks ahead of us....see what happens when you move south ;)

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