Journey To Lucketts!

First I need to apologize for slacking on my blogging duties.  I've been VERY busy, just like everyone else I know.  It seems between painting furniture, having a family and trying to keep track of my life the blog has suffered.  I'm going to do my best to blog every week now.  I've taken lots of pictures  of projects that I haven't written about yet.  By the time I sit down at the end of the day I'm too tired to write.  School starts on Monday and I'm hoping everything settles down a bit.  Thank you for being patient with me.

NOW back to the post :-)

I've been reading Miss Mustardseed's blog for awhile now and I've always admired her work ethic and her work.  Every piece of furniture she paints is a piece of art.  She takes beautiful photography and stages her pictures perfectly.  I always look forward to her blog posts, especially now that she is launching her own milk paint line.  Her milk paint colors are incredible! She often blogs about a store called Lucketts where she has a booth and sells her furniture and vintage finds (soon her paint line too!).  Every time she posts pictures of Lucketts it makes me want to pack up and go on a journey there, not only to see the amazing store, but to see her booth.  This might sound silly, but since I've been painting furniture myself, it's been a dream of mine to see her pieces in person. 

Well, my wish came true and I was able to go to Lucketts!  I'm here to tell you it's a beautiful store with tons and tons of wonderful finds!  I wish I lived closer or brought a truck with me when I went because there were so many things I wanted to buy!  Plus I got really lucky and was able to see the Lucketts Design house while I was there as well.  If you don't know what the design house is, it's a house that the owners decorate with the most amazing finds and they're all for sale.  You can see pictures of the Design House on their website as well as purchase items online.  Be sure to check it out.  The Design House is to die for!

I promised all my friends on Facebook that I'd take lots of pictures and I kept my promise!  I did take a lot of pictures, most of which aren't even going to be posted!  I just took so many I can't possibly post them all.  Every time I turned around at Lucketts there was something else I wanted to get a picture of!  

Enjoy my peek into this fantastic store!

Miss Mustardseed's booth....She had the Flow Blue dresser and the Kitchen Scale dresser, both named after her new milk paint colors, on display.  I wanted the Flow Blue dresser in the worst way and tried to figure out how to find a way to fit it in my car, but it wasn't happening!  Instead I bought a few of her small things.  I bought some vintage binoculars, an M and a MMS t-shirt!  I've yet to wear my shirt, but I can't wait to show it off.

Lucketts is an old house so there are lots of rooms full of wonderful treasures and find.  I thought those gold angel wings were pretty special.

When you're in Lucketts you have to pay close attention or you might miss something, like this great chandelier on the ceiling.  

I also wanted to take this little beauty home with me, but I knew I didn't have a place for her. 

One of my favorite rooms was filled with dressers, my obsession!  Plus this incredible bed!  Love the neutral fabric and yet it makes such a statement with the curves, carving and nail head details.

This booth was upstairs and I had a lot of fun reliving my childhood with some of the toys.  

I LOVE globes, not to mention old fans!

Great old postal scale.

I was going to buy this globe.  It was so unique because of it's size and the fact it had a geography book  in the base of the globe!  I'm still kicking myself for not buying it, but the fact I already have 10 globes in my house did play into my decision.  Although if I go back and it's still there then it's MINE!

Love the old Royal typewriter and how it's staged.

OK, so they even decorate OUTSIDE at Lucketts!  I was shocked to see mirrors outside on an old outbuilding.  

I thought this table and chairs were adorable.  They'd be perfect for a sunny breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen.

Another passion of mine is drawer hardware and Lucketts had many great choices.

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?!!  I wanted this bench/cart for my house!

I thought these old megaphones from vintage record players, turned ceiling fixtures were brilliant!  

After I left the main store I stopped at the Design House to drool.

This was on the front porch.

Love, love, love this mirror.

This little porcelain dog was in the bathroom right next to the claw foot tub.  I thought he was adorable.

One of my favorite rooms in the design house.  I sat in this really comfy chair for a long time just taking it all in.

The design house is very eclectic and yet it all goes together and flows so nicely.  I felt like I could just unpack my clothes and move right in.

I'm obsessed with anything Paris or Eiffel tower and this chair made me swoon.  When I saw it I said out loud to myself, "I have to buy this chair!  I'm in love!"  Luckily for me only a few people stared at me like I was off my medication :-)

They had the best clocks in the design house!  I wanted to buy them all!

There were two of these flanking the front door on the porch.  GORGEOUS!

This was right outside the design house.

To say I can't wait to go back for my next visit would be an understatement.  Lucketts was all I had hoped for and so much more!  It gave me loads of inspiration and confidence to move forward in my own journey.  My favorite part was seeing Miss Mustardseed's work and all her new milk paint colors.  However, there were just too many wonderful, amazing and incredible (have I used enough adjectives?) things to write about or take pictures of.  Lucketts is definitely worth a drive to Leesburg, Virginia.  When can we leave?!!

Thank you for reading this! 



  1. Oh My Goodness! I am sooo jealous! I am going to see some family in Virginia in October and we are planning to go to Lucketts. I can't wait to see Miss Mustardseed's stuff in person and i can't wait to get some of her milk paint.

  2. I want every single thing! Especially the little porcelain dog!

  3. WOW, thanks for the tour, I will never get up there, but I would so love to go!!

  4. Lucketts is my favorite place! It's so amazing. Megan

  5. How fun, Melody! You already know I'm super jealous, so I guess I don't have to repeat myself! ;) I absolutely love that huge standing mirror...and just about everything else! I hope to make it there someday so I can see it all for myself! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!


  6. That was the best shopping trip ever because if I'd had gone with you I'd be broke and my family would starve!! Ha ha! How fun for you! Maybe when our kids are grown we can have a bloggy friends vintage tour!

  7. Thanks a million for the tour! It was fantastic for a landmark store like that.

  8. Oh my goodness, I am in love! Wonderful tour, thanks. I think I'd get lost in there for hours. Beautiful!!! If I'm ever that way, I'm going! I want that lamp with the two birds!!

  9. Thanks for sharing photos of our Lucketts spot- toys and globes are toy of our many weaknesses! :)

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