A New Desk For The Hubby

I've always felt a little bit guilty about the desks we've had in our home.  They're usually my pick, have no storage and aren't always the most functional.  My favorite desk we've had in our home is my current desk and it's glass with different words for love printed on the desk top.  Not the most masculine desk for a guy to work from.  My Husband has a desk at work, but there are times when he does work from home.  A functional, yet attractive desk was something I had been thinking about for awhile.  However, the fact we already had two desks made me think it wasn't a priority right now.  That was until a very generous friend and her Husband gave a desk to the Hubby and I.  My friend was moving and didn't have the space for the desk anymore so I couldn't pass it up!  They even delivered!

This was a great idea until we got the desk in the already overstuffed garage.  I realized if I was going to have any chance of finishing the projects I needed to get done by this next week I had to work on the desk the next day.  Another reason I wanted to get this done was for my Hubby.  Our 15 year wedding anniversary is in a couple weeks and I thought it would be something he would really appreciate.  It was time for him to have a proper desk.

Here is the before picture of the desk.  Yep, it's upside down, but the top is gorgeous and didn't need any work.

As soon as I saw the desk in person I knew I wanted to paint it in Pure White, but just the bottom....you will see why in later pictures!

Love those legs.

I got right to work and quickly got 2 coats of paint on everything.  I was surprised the paint dried as fast as it did because it was very humid out and then rained while I was working in the garage.

Love the leg in white!

Once I got the desk painted I put the legs back on and called the Hubby outside to help me turn it over. Oh and I put the legs back on too!  

NOW you can see that gorgeous top!!!

You can also see that I gave it a bit of distressing with some 220 grit sandpaper.  

Now it was time to wax.  This was the part I was dreading.  I love the painting, the distressing, but waxing in the humidity is not my fav!

A coat of clear wax and then a coat of dark wax and I was done.  It took me a LONG time to wax this desk....a lot longer to wax than paint.  When I stood back and looked at the finished product and how happy the Hubby was when he looked at it I was thrilled!!!!

Here it is all done and dressed up!!

I'm in love with this desk!

The details on this desk really stand out now with the paint, distressing and dark wax.

You wouldn't think this drawer opened for a keyboard would you?  The desk looks so antique and traditional, but it's not very old and it's very functional!

I normally take pictures earlier in the day for the best light, but on this particular day I had not choice.  Unfortunately the glare on the top wasn't ideal to showcase the beauty of the top.  It's a lot prettier in person.

I had to take a picture of this little vignette on top.  I bought a few of these items at an estate sale recently.  I adore the little silhouette of the boy playing with the dog.  I have another of a girl riding a horse.   I also love my Miss Mustardseed binoculars that I purchased at Lucketts!

I'm beyond happy with how this one turned out!  It was nice to do something for my Hubby!  He's one of those guys who never asks for anything and would rather do things for Hunter and I instead.   

Now if I just had pictures of us moving it downstairs to his office in the basement!  HA HA HA!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I have another post I'm working on for next week.  I worked on a barrister bookcase for a very sweet Chef and it turned out great!  I can't wait to share it with you!!

Have a great week!




  1. Wow, That looks amazing.
    Beautiful work as always. Thanks for sharing.

  2. absolutely beautiful. When he gets tired of using it as a desk, you could always use it as a makeup table.

    1. Great idea! I would have to buy more make up I think :-)

  3. Beautiful as always. The wood inlay on this piece is phenomenal!

  4. Honestly, when I saw the bottom painted white with the beautiful top, I hated it. But then I scrolled down to the finished product and omg, I even went and got the husband to show him. It is absolutely beautiful! Way to go!

  5. gorgeous as always, that was so nice of Lauren:) What a terrific anniversary gift!

  6. Oh my goodness - that is beautiful! I canNOT get over how beautiful the furniture is you work on!

    Steve's a lucky man!


  7. Melody, your desk turned out gorgeous! LOVE it!!

  8. Turned out to be a beautiful piece. Great job!

  9. This is absolutely beautiful! A favorite of mine for sure. I've been using Annie Sloan's "Old White" and then I bought the "Pure White" and I was not a huge fan of the starkness... I guess I got so used to the warmness of the Old White! I love how you applied the dark wax though, I'll defenitely be doing that with any future pieces I paint with Pure White. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Holly I felt the same way with the Pure White. I like the PW with just the clear wax on top as long as it's distressed or compressed. It looks really nice when I use 600 or 800 grit sandpaper and compress it down between coats. Makes a smooth surface. Then with clear wax on top it really looks great. I do love it with the dark wax too though! I am a dark wax fan because it brings all the character and depth out of the piece.

      Thanks for the comment!


  10. Ahhh! I love it. I also laughed out loud when you talked about moving it downstairs. We tore a big basketball size hole in our drywall one time while moving a desk to the basement. Beautiful job!

  11. This is my absolute favorite of all of the pieces you have shown. And I love them all. Congratulations! Do you use the brush to apply the wax, or do you use a cloth? What do you use to buff it out?

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Thank you Judith! I use an Annie Sloan wax brush to apply the wax then use a lint free cloth to wipe the excess off. 24 hours later I buff the surface with another clean lint free cloth. Hope that helps!


  12. The top of that desk is truly very gorgeous. Glad you saw the potential in top and left it be. Would be a bit of a shame to cover it up.
    So wish I could afford some of that chalk paint, have a few pieces I'd love to try out with it. (Maybe someday I'll win the PCH yeah right) fun to hope tho.
    You did a great job painting it. How did you hubby like it?

  13. oh wowie. That top is just spectacular. Love how it contrasts with the white. Gorgeous. Your hubby is a lucky man!!
    danielle h.

  14. I found you on Southern Savvy for "Wow Us Wednesday's" and am glad that I stopped by. Your desk is amazing. I joined your list to keep up with more of your amazing work.
    If you get a chance I'd love you to stop by and visit me. I'm new in town and could use some great, new friends! :)

  15. beautiful work, melody- the top on that desk is just stunning! wow!

  16. This one makes my heart go pitter patter! :) Beautiful job!

  17. Found and followed you through 36th Avenue's link party. I just love your blog! Feel free to stop by mine as well :)



  18. This is absolutely Striking! Love the contrasting top as well, Wonderfully done! Deidre~ http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com

  19. You are a furniture painting QUEEN. You always do an amazing job.

  20. Beautiful!! Your desk must be beautiful if you are giving this beauty to your hubby! (And yes, I will start stalking your blog now until I find it!) Question about the wax, is it to add detail or to help protect the paint? I've never done that step before and am wondering if I should try it!!!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

    1. That's because I just have a glass IKEA desk with LOVE written on in in different languages :-) I never use my desk and it's currently covered with papers and projects that are unfinished.

      With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, you always use the wax to protect the paint. The clear wax is the protection for the paint and it adds a sheen and softness to the paint. If you don't wax the paint is is flat and rough, like a flat wall paint. The dark wax adds the details....it makes the marks and spots show up, which gives the piece character.

      Love the Annie Sloan waxes!

  21. I'm so glad that I'm following you! WOW. I am in love with that desk. Thank you so much for sharing how you created that look. Have a great weekend!


  22. Gorgeous! That desktop is amazing. I just used "old white" on a bedside table....I agree with you on the waxing - least favorite part :) Looking forward to exploring your blog more.

  23. This is a stunning piece. You did a beautiful job. The top does look like it was in perfect condition. Great job.

  24. It's beautiful! What a classic piece of furniture that will carry you through many years to come, great job!

  25. That piece is gorgeous! You did a beautiful job making her pretty. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Hubby Made Me. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2012/09/make-it-pretty-monday-week-15.html Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  26. Wow!!!! Scrumptious.....very, very cool!

  27. Beautiful work! I'm starting my first project and have looked at many of your pieces for inspiration. Have you used Annie Sloan wax exclusively or have you tried any other brands? It seems to be the favorite brand amongst professionals, but are there any other good alternatives that I could find at local hardware stores? If I find I enjoy these types of projects and I'm good at it, I would be interested in using the higher quality items, but for a first project (that may be my only project), it just doesn't make sense. Gotta keep the costs down a bit. Also, I saw that you apply the wax using the wax brush. Is that needed or could I get by with using a rag? Thanks for your help!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I only use Annie Sloan waxes. I have tried other brands and haven't found one I like. The challenge is, waxing is tricky. The Annie Sloan goes on easily....the others I tried have not. I just bought some Miss Mustardseed Milk Paint and the kit I bought came with some of her wax. I will see how that one works :-)

      You can apply the wax with a cloth, but I always use a wax brush. I just find it gives me more control than the cloth.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      Thank you again


  28. Melody, I saw this featured over at Cassie's and had to come by and tell you how much I love this desk! You were able to keep the integrity of the top and punch it up on the bottom -- genius! Pinned. :-)
    xo Heidi

  29. Oh my word that is STUNNING! I love it - gorgeous desk perfect for hubby! You did a great job waxing...I always am unsure when waxing white. I had a bad experience once and now I am hesitant! I love what you created! Just lovely!
    Thanks for sharing your excitement and ideas at the Creative Inspirations Linky! Please stop back next week for the Autumn Inspiration Linky Party to link up your fall ideas!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  30. It's gorgeous- I'm in love with it too!! Your husband must be thrilled!

  31. What a gorgeous desk! That top is stunning! The white base sets it off beautifully. Great job!

  32. WOW!!! it turned out beautifully!!! thank you so much for sharing with our HEART+HOME link up at mercyINK! please join us again next week :)

  33. That turned out AMAZING! Lucky hubby! I just gave mine a cheap little lap top desk from Ikea ;) Thanks so much for sharing at my Throwback Thursday party! I hope to see you again this week :)

  34. That looks gorgeous! Stopping by from Rance on a Dime!

  35. Wow, gorgeous! And the top of that desk is just fabulous! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  36. That looks so amazing!! Gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime.

  37. That is a really well-done project. You were lucky the hardware on that was in such a good shape.

    Also, your husband is one lucky guy.

  38. What a beautiful desk! New follower here. Found your blog through French Country Cottage.


  39. This is gorgeous...can I ask what "wax" is??? I see you use it on most of your pieces!! I have heard of polyurethane..but not wax???

  40. Melody - you ROCK the REPAINT girl and you have impeccable taste! Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects! Nancy Lorene

  41. Beautiful! I love the way you used the dark wax so perfectly!


  42. I think this may be my favorite desk. Ever. It's wonderful!

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