1960's Dresser Brought Back To Life

A few months ago I was lucky enough to come across a great 60's Stanley dresser someone was selling on Facebook.  I fell in love with the lines, the details and the hardware so I bought it.  It sat for a bit until Sarah and her Husband asked me to refurbish the dresser for their master bedroom.

Here it is before.

I like the top drawer and how it's set out farther than the others.

The dresser had all the original hardware, but I had taken them off before I took the picture.  

Sarah decided on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Cream.  This is a popular color!  She wanted the top stained and the body painted in the Cream and finished in dark wax.

For the top I stripped off the finish and sanded it down with 220 grit sandpaper.  After that I put on a coat of pre-stain wood conditioner and sanded the top lightly again once it was dry.  I brushed on some Dark Walnut stain and let it sit, wiped the excess and did the same thing again.  The stain wouldn't soak into the wood.  I tried Kona and Espresso and still nothing...even with some sanding in between.  I had no idea why this was happening and then realized I had to sand the top down again.  I sanded it down again but this time with 120 grit sand paper, then 220 grit paper.  I gave it another coat of pre-stain conditioner and a coat of Dark Walnut.  This time when I wiped off the excess it actually stained the wood.  I think when I stripped and sanded the first time, somehow I didn't get all of the original finish off.  It sure looked like I did!  After five hours of work and figuring out I had a gorgeous stained dresser top.  

This is before I got all the residue off from the chemical stripper.

After lots of work the top ended up looking amazing!  

This is with two coats of ASCP in Cream.

After I got the paint on I didn't get anymore progress pictures.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing I completely forget to take pictures.  I put a coat of clear wax on the entire dresser, then finished it with dark wax...even the top.  The top got 4 coats of wax with drying time in between each coat to protect the finish.  Sarah didn't want the dresser distressed, but when I waxed the paint some of the paint came of of the edges.  I liked how it looked.  It was a nice effect without being 'shabby' or distressed.

Here it is all finished and dressed up for pictures.  I have to say this one is a huge transformation.  

This dresser was meant to be painted.  The details and the hardware all pop now on the cream paint.  It's gorgeous.  The top turned out beautiful.

This dresser had great hardware that just needed a quick update with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  I like how the top two drawers have different hardware.

I'm thrilled with how the top turned out and the contrast between the stain and the paint.  

I couldn't be happier with how this dresser turned out.  Sarah and her Husband are happy with it as well.  This dresser proves that just because something is old and outdated, it's not 'trash'.  Pieces with great lines and detailing can always be made new again and given an extended life in your home.  Look around your house or local thrift store and see what you can transform with some paint and a brush.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!!



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A Desk, Chair And Toy Chest For Hunter

I love redoing furniture for friends and new-to-me friends, but lately it seems I've been so busy doing projects for everyone else that I haven't had a lot of time to do things for my own home or family.  It was time to change that!

A few weeks back when I came upon a table at a tag sale for free I snapped it up.  At the time I wasn't sure what I would do with it and at first I used it in my garage as a work table.  It was a good size and height for a work table, but the problem was it took up too much room.  I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it....make it into a desk for Hunter.  The man who gave me the table had told me his Father had made one for each of his children so I thought it was fitting that I refurbish it into something for my Son.

Here it is after I brought it home

Well, the top of it became a paint and stain splattered mess while I used it as a work table.  It was all good though because I knew I was going to paint it dark.  I decided on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite as a base color.  

When I paint something like a table or a chair I always start with it turned upside down because easier to get to the underneath that way!

There was some damage to the table, but It only gave the table more character.

You can see a bit of my stain and paint splatter mess on top of the table.  After one coat of paint I couldn't see the mess anymore!

One coat of paint done, and still a bit wet.

This color is a bit drab without the wax in my opinion, but with all the wax on top it's one of my favorites.

 I wanted the desk top to have an old and worn look so I lightly brushed on some Coco paint over top the Graphite.  I like how it brings out all the marks in the table top.

Once I got the Coco brushed on I gave it a bit of roughing up with some sand paper.

 To finish the whole thing off I gave it a coat of clear wax and a couple coats of dark.  BUT I wasn't finished yet!  You might recall I posted a few weeks back about the maps I bought at Papyrus that are actually sheets of wrapping paper.  I had purchased a couple world maps at the time and knew this project would look amazing with a map on top.  So out came the Mod Podge!  I attached the map to the top of the desk then sealed it with 2 coats of Mod Podge. On the edges I added a bit more dark wax to give it some age.  

Hunter and I both have a love of globes, maps and anything geographical so this was right up our alley.  The desk turned out exactly how I had pictured it in my mind and it's perfect for my little guy's big boy play room.  

Here it is all done.  

The chair I purchased at an estate sale this weekend for $30.  It's a great old library type chair that is super solid.  Only thing I did to the chair was clean it up and wax it.  It's gorgeous on it's own.

My favorite thing about this desk/table is the shelf underneath.  It's a perfect spot for storing books.

How gorgeous is this chair?!  

I have to mention the green tackle box.  I bought this at Restore for $4 and gave it a good wash.  How fun for Hunter to be able to put cars or whatever else he wants in there.  

OK, so you thought I was done with pictures?  Think again!  I found a blanket/toy box at a tag sale a few weekends ago.  Hunter had a Pottery Barn Kids train table with toy storage underneath, but if I was going to do the desk I had to move the train table out.  Bye bye toy storage!  OH and I forgot to mention I needed to convince my 7 year old that this was the best thing since Hot Wheels! lot. 

In came the toy box idea.  Hunter and the Hubby were both on board too....Bonus!  I forgot to mention the toy box was $10!

Here's the toy box before

It was a great size and I liked the panel detail on front, but it definitely needed a face lift.

I brushed on some Annie Sloan Pure White, distressed the toy box the clear and dark waxed the entire outside.  In an hour I had a gorgeous new toy box for Hunter.

Here's the finished toy box

Love the texture and how the red paint shows through.

I had to put a picture of this in my post (not that I don't have enough pictures already!).  This is a planetarium and when you plug it in all the constellations shine on the ceiling.  Then the little wand thingy (I'm sure that's the actual name for it!)  has an arrow and you can point the arrow at the constellations.  We bought this at our local outdoor flea market.  When the Hubby and I saw it we fell in love and had to take it home.  

Alright, back to this SUPER long and drawn out post.  I get a lot of emails from people asking about why I don't post pictures of the furniture I do in my home.  Well that's easy a lot of the furniture I sell, but another big reason is my house doesn't get much natural light, which equals icky pictures.  The following pictures will prove my point. :-)

This is how Hunter's play room looked after we added the new desk, chair and toy box.

You might recognize this dresser from an earlier post.  I did this dresser awhile back for Hunter's toy storage (more like Lego storage!).   The hammer head shark however I bought last week at the same estate sale as the chair.  I had a great laugh carrying him out to my car, but an even bigger laugh when I drove through the Starbucks drive thru with him in my front seat.  I don't know many 7 year old boys who have a fiberglass hammer head shark on their wall!  

When I look at this toy chest all I want to do is put pillows all over the top!  However, I don't think Hunter would appreciate that.

I took a lot more pictures of his the other parts of play room, but I'm not adding them in since this has already dragged on long enough.  Can you tell I have a hard time editing my posts to make them shorter?  

This was a lot of fun for me!  Not to mention economical!  The desk was free, the chair was $30, the toy box $10 and the fiberglass hammer head shark was $40.  For $80 Hunter has a great new place to play!  He was thrilled with how his new and improved big boy play room turned out.  He said to the Hubby and I, "This play room looks like a 9 year olds!"  WOW it must be good then!!  

I started out this post writing how I love doing things for other people, but doing things for Hunter is my true love.  Obviously as a parent,  my child is the most important thing in my world and knowing I can give him something I made just for him warms my heart beyond words.  

Thanks for reading and if you've redone something for your child I'd love to see it.  I do read and respond to your comments and enjoy reading what you have to say.  

Have a wonderful week!