New Living Room And Dining Room Additions

Lately I've become obsessed with estate sales.  If you've never been to an estate sale you have to go to one!  Even the Hubby enjoys them.  I feel like I'm searching for hidden treasures.  I love to see what' people have acquired and also learn about the items I purchase.  I kid you not, every piece I buy I do extensive internet searches on later to learn all I can about the history.  This is part of the fun for me.

I've gone to some really great estate sales lately and I've met some amazing people who run the sales.  Last weekend I went to an estate/moving sale full of wonderful items the owners had accumulated over the last 40 years.  I was in heaven!  The first thing I spied was a very unusual library card catalog cabinet, but it was like nothing I had seen before.  Even though it was the first day of the sale I had to have it.  Too many people were eyeing it and I was afraid to take my eyes off it so I bought it right away.  

 Here's my unique library card catalog/filing cabinet in it's new home in my living room.  I go in there every day and just stare at it.  I love it!!  It's a dark room, so I apologize for the lighting.

It's tucked away in the corner behind the couch and a lamp, so I moved the table and lamp to take a better picture.

The cabinet is like a barrister bookcase and comes apart in 5 pieces.  There is a small top, then the card catalog section, then the next section, then the filing cabinet, then the base.  This makes it easy to move around.

I've scoured the Internet and can't find any information about it or what it's called.  All I know about it  is it's quarter sawn oak.  

This is where it lives now.  The two pictures on either side of the window I also got at a different estate sale this summer.  Well....lots of the items in this picture I got at estate sales :-)

Another new addition is a library card catalog cabinet I got from a tag sale.  This one is special too.  It's solid walnut and has a chrome stand.    It's currently holding all of Hunter's pencils, pens, rulers, crayons, glue, etc.  I guess it was originally in the Long Island Library.  I haven't done a thing to this cabinet or the one in my living room nor will I.  I love them both just the way they are.

I haven't even changed the labels on the drawers.  I think it looks best kept in its original state.
I love the history and the memories it brings back of doing research in the library.

One of the other things I love in the dining room is the old film projector.  This was a Goodwill score.  The Hubby and I thought it was cool and couldn't leave it behind.

I've been accumulating a lot of new additions which means I've had to make some space.  My beloved green dresser that was once in my dining room now lives in my friends home and my Old White master bedroom dresser is going to live in a new home as well.

I'm a firm believer in if I find something I love more than what I have I will buy it, but I have to part with something else.  I only have so much room and I don't want to turn into the crazy hoarder lady!  Although the Hubby thinks I'm close!  

Have a great week!



  1. I love both of your new pieces! I have been wanting a card catalogue forever.


  2. LOVE these, I acquired a card catalog that was going to be thrown out! and i still count myself super lucky. I turned it into a massive storage piece-check it out:

  3. Those look so neat! I thought about buying a library card cabinet at a flea market a while back, but it was much smaller. I decided against it because I just wasn't sure what I would do with it, but yours look great!

    First time stopping by you blog! It's nice. :)

  4. LOL!! Crazy hoarder lady!! I think my hubby thinks the same thing about me... ;)

  5. These are great sets. Very classy! You really have an eye for arranging your interior in a manner where everything fits. There’s not one piece that seems off or awkward. Really great! I love your windows too! Excellent design with the wooden blinds!

    - Gerry Bossier -

  6. Your card catalog is a good catch! I think wooden furniture really add a dramatic quality to a room, just like how those wooden pieces enhanced the look of your space. Well, it’s been awhile. I hope you found another piece of art to add in one of your rooms. :)
    {Jimmy Colwell}

  7. Just love what you did with it! Little changes can make a big difference, and this is a very unique theme. We recently put in some hallway runners and I think they really helped the place look more scholarly.

  8. I'm dying... I want that card catalog so bad! great finds and can't wait to find you at Haven;)


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