Restore Cabinet and Antique Mail Sorter

I'm really excited about this post!  If you haven't been to the Habitat For Humanity thrift store, Restore, before you're really missing out!  It's a great resource for lighting, furniture, building supplies, plumbing fixtures, tools, name it they have it!  I went by there a few weeks ago after I sold my green dresser that was in my dining room to a friend.  I needed a place to store Hunter's craft supplies and paper.  I found just what I needed at Restore for $35!  It wasn't in the best shape and was covered in spider webs and dirt.  It wasn't exactly plumb or perfect, but that's just how I like my furniture!  I brought it home and cleaned it up.  Then brushed on a bit of ASCP in French linen just to brighten it up for a few weeks until I had time to do what I really wanted to.

Here's the before.

The details and the legs are what drew me to this piece.  It has so much character!

On top the veneer was peeling off the back, so I knew staining the top was out of the question. 

The top was a mess.

Look at those details!!!  They don't make furniture like this anymore!  

I need to apologize now because this was a long drawn out process.  I didn't get a single in progress picture.  Part of the reason was I finished this during the hurricane when we were out of power.  It was my way of dealing with the wind and my fear the house was going to collapse on us!  Some people relax with a glass of wine, I paint when I'm stressed.  It's how I stay somewhat sane :-)

I started out by painting the whole piece in Miss Mustardseed Milk Paint Typewriter.  I had received a sample of this color in my kit I bought from Patty and Karen at  I painted the whole piece hoping for the 'chippy' look, but it didn't happen.  I distressed the piece, waxed it and then realized it was just too dark for the space.  

Enter plan B, which was actually my original plan A!  I painted over the MMS Typewriter with ASCP in Coco.  Then rubbed the paint back with sandpaper so the darker color and the wood would show through.  MUCH BETTER!!!  The combination is stunning and exactly what this dark piece needed.  I finished the whole piece with ASCP clear wax and then just used a bit of dark wax on some of the detail areas very sparingly.  I didn't want this piece to get too dark.  I'm happy with how it turned out!!!

Here it is all done!

I think the details pop more now and it's not so dark and serious.

If you read this blog regularly you know I'm a sucker for a long carved leg on a piece of furniture.  I'm in love with the legs on this piece!!!  

After much debate and trying many different options, I decided to change the hardware.  I had  bought this hardware at a flea market in the summer and had been looking for a piece to use it on.  When I bought them they were a rusty mess, but I cleaned them up and put some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on and they are just like new.

I love how the Typewriter color shows through so much on the top.

You can see this piece isn't exactly straight, but I love the quirkiness!


I need to add in one other piece that I added last weekend.  I fell in love with this antique mail sorter in an email I received about an estate sale.  As soon as I saw it I had to have it.  Well, in the picture it didn't look 5 feet long by about 3 feet wide!  Even as I was taking it off the wall, with help I might add, I still didn't realize how big it was!  It wasn't until this thing was in the back of my SUV that I realized I might be in trouble.  I had no idea where I was going to put this, but knew I needed it.  

When I got home the Hubby said I was certifiable and I had to agree slightly.  However after a bit of reorganizing I found the perfect spot for it!  Above my cute little cabinet from Restore in my dining room.  It's perfect here and now I have a place for all my 'little' pieces.  I love the history of the piece and it makes me smile when I walk in the room.

Now when I walk in the dining room I don't want to leave.  On the other side of the room I have my amazing card catalog cabinet and then on this side I have this incredible mail sorter and cabinet.  It's now my second favorite room in the house.

I have a new rule for myself.  If I buy something and have to keep it, then I have to sell or donate something else instead.  I don't have anymore room for anything (I say that all the time!) so this is my new mantra...out with the old in with something older :-)

Sometimes pieces of furniture or accessories just speak to me.  No I don't hear voices, I'm not that crazy, but I just get a feeling and know I need to take them home with me.  Next I will have to show you the fantastic steamer trunk I scored at the same estate sale for $5!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions you might have.

Hope everyone is safe and sound after our huge storm here on the East Coast!



  1. Love it! This piece is beautiful!

  2. Oh wow, love the Restore piece! You scored at $35!! Although the new hardware is gorgeous, I must say I quite like its original hardware.

    And the mail sorter! Swoon! What a piece!


  3. Melody you always do such a great job. Really beautiful! ;) <3 Cameron

  4. Wow amazing find, this is exactly what Im looking for, so jealous :) I've never found anything like this at the restore, I would have skipped out of the store!

  5. This looks SO fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is an amazing piece!!! You've really done it up right ♥

  7. Fabulous Score on an amazing piece!! Love the layering too!!

  8. A totally gorgeous piece! Lovely paint and restoration job too. What
    a find for just $35.00. ENVY!!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna
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  9. Looks great! thanks for sharing with us! J'aime beaucoup!