Updated Entertainment Cabinet

I posted this week about the Happy Camper Buffet that I refinished for a friend.  Unfortunately for my friend the buffet didn't work in her space so it went to a new home.  After seeing how the buffet looked in her family room, it dawned on me that all her current entertainment cabinet needed was a bit of a face lift!  Her Hubby unloaded all their stuff from it and we loaded it in my car.  I brought the cabinet home and put it in the garage where it sat for a few weeks while I went on vacation and got sidetracked with other things.  That seems to happen a lot around here!  Thankfully my friend and her Hubby were very patient with me!

Here is the before picture of her entertainment center

It had a lot of great detailing that went unnoticed the way it was.

I knew the cabinet would be gorgeous painted in Annie Sloan Old White.  Before I went on vacation, I started painting the cabinet, but then I realized it was going to be a lot more work than I had time for that week.  I  thought the inside where the doors cover wouldn't need to be painted, but there was no way to stop and start the paint without making a mess.  I took the doors and back off and took the shelves out to make it easier to paint.  I only got about about 3/4 done with my first coat before I had to leave on vacation.  I do NOT like leaving projects undone.  It drives me crazy not to finish when I start something. I thought about that cabinet every day while I was on vacation!

Today the weather was gorgeous and I was able to work outside which meant I had a lot more room to work!  Plus I get to listen to the birds chirp and get some Vitamin D while I work.  Of course I forgot to take any pictures as I went along.  I was way too focussed on getting this piece done so my friend could get her cable box and DVD player off her Family Room floor!

  Here is the finished cabinet....

I think it's stunning now!

I painted two coats of Old White on the whole cabinet, then distressed and finished it with a couple coats of clear wax.  It's amazing what a bit of paint can do isn't it?!

I had some brass hardware leftover from a dresser I refinished in the fall that I knew would look great on the cabinet doors.  I didn't like the way the brass looked so I put a bit of Old White paint on them and dabbed some off while it was still wet.  I think they add a bit of interest without taking away from the other details on the cabinet.

It doesn't matter how many pieces of furniture I refinish, I'm always surprised at what a huge difference paint can make.  My friend was ready to part with this piece and find something new.  Now this entertainment cabinet has a new look and will be stunning back in it's old space in my friend's Family Room.  

If you have an old piece of furniture you're thinking about getting rid of, why not give it a few coats of paint and see if you can resurrect it?  



  1. I absolutely love how this cabinet turned out. Great job!

  2. It looks so cute and I love your staging!!

  3. Great job, Melody. It looks absolutely wonderful! Love it! xo Diana

  4. This is gorgeous! Question for you- I'm always thinking that finish needs to be removed or sanded down and roughed up before painting, but it looks like you didn't do that here. Is that correct? How many coats of paint did you do before distressing?

    And I agree with Helen- your staging is ideal!

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