A Much Needed Update For An Old Vinyl Chair

We've been living in our new house for just over two weeks.   It's been a lot of work, but I've enjoyed it.  I might be crazy, but there's something about taking everything, putting it in a box and moving it somewhere new, then unpacking it to start over again.  Yes, that's probably an odd way to look at moving, but it is a fresh start and everything does feel so new when looked at in a new place.  I don't like not knowing where my clothes are,  or the drill,  or my kitchen tongs, but I like the sense of starting over (I found out the kitchen tongs weren't missing...the hubby had just borrowed them to take the frogs out of the pool skimmer....I don't want them back!).

  When I was growing up,  I loved moving all the furniture around in my room.  When I got bored with where my bed was,  I would try it on another wall, which meant I had move the whole room around.  I loved playing with Barbie and her doll house because that meant I could change the furniture around whenever I wanted without all the work.  I guess I've always liked that 'new' feeling of moving furniture, pictures and nick knacks to give the room a new look.

On to my point....When we got all our furniture moved into the new house,  I realized I wanted to have our family room furniture in our living room.  This meant everything in these two rooms had to do a switcheroo.   Once everything was in it's proper room, it dawned on me that I needed more seating in the family room now.  I didn't have an extra chair to move in from another room,  so I needed to buy one.  No matter what configuration I tried I needed another chair.  The room is big and has 2 entrances into the room so it's a challenging to place furniture.  

It just so happened that our first full day in the house there was a barn sale in town!  It was fate!  I told the hubby we needed to stop by just to check out the sale.   Low and behold I saw the perfect chair off in the back corner of the barn.  When I pointed the chair out to the hubby,  you could hear a pin drop.  He said, "What on earth could you do to that?  It's ORANGE VINYL???    When I told him my plan there was more doubt and questioning, but eventually he went along with it and paid the man his $25.   You'd think after almost 16 years of marriage, he would finally just go with my plans and trust me!  HAHAHA

Here's the orange vinyl chair once we got it home.