New Living Room Tour

Well, I finally got around to taking some pictures of one room in the new house. This is one room I feel is almost done.  I don't know if a room is ever done because in my life a room is constantly evolving and changing depending on what I find along the way.  We've been living in our new house for just over two months now and It's feeling more like 'home' every day.  There are still lots and lots of things to do like organize the office,  figuring out my work area in the basement and working on our master bedroom to name a few.  I'm happy with our progress so far.  I need to remind myself to be patient things don't happen overnight.   Also, a house is never really 'done' is it??

My favorite room in our house is probably one of the least used rooms....the living room.  When I walk in the living room I immediately feel relaxed and happy.  It's bright, airy and full of some of my favorite pieces.  Sometimes when I feel like I need a break from life, I walk in the living room,  sit down on the big leather sofa and enjoy a few quiet moments (That is until the dog, cat, hubby or Hunter find me!).  

Here are a few pictures of the new living when I saw a few, I mean a lot!

The living room walls are a blue-grey color, which don't show up as blue-grey in this picture.  However, this picture does show why I love this room so much....the brightness. The light floods in, especially on a sunny day.

My favorite part of any room is always the corner with a comfy chair,  with lots of light to read and enjoy the sun.  This little corner of the living room is the perfect spot to relax, take in the view outside, read a book and enjoy the sunshine.

One great thing about this room is the fact it was recently painted by the previous owners.  The color works great for us and was similar to the blue we had in our last house. This meant I didn't have to paint!  All I did in this room was remove the blinds and decorate.  When we first moved in,  I had plans to remove the blinds and put up curtains.  Once I removed the blinds, I realized I liked the look of the windows without any window coverings.  Thankfully we don't have lots of neighbors!  

In this picture you can see my antique mail sorter.  This was hung horizontally on a wall in our old dining room, but in this house I couldn't find a place I wanted it to hang.  I decided to stand it up on its side on the floor like a piece of furniture and I love how it looks!!  

This china cabinet was in the entry way of our last house.  I've had it since I was little so it's very special to me.  I wrote a post awhile back about what I did to update it here Childhood China Cabinet.  

There are so many things in this part of the room that make me smile.  My little green side tables,  factory cart coffee table and my antique levels.  I started buying the levels last summer and now every time I see one for a good price I have to buy it.  Weird thing to collect, I know!  I love old levels, measuring sticks and rulers.  

This is another corner of the living room I really like.

It makes me happy when I look at this picture and realize there are only two things I didn't buy brand new (the glass cloche on the little side table and the tan pillow on the chair).  The slipper chair I scored at Goodwill.  It was brand new from Target, but for some reason it was returned to the store.  They salvaged it and then sent it to Goodwill.  Our local Goodwill gets a lot of stuff like this from Target, which is great for people like me! 

I've been collecting coral for years.  Every time we go on a vacation somewhere warm with a beach, I search for coral then bring it home as a souvenir.  Hunter has joined in on the search for coral now and after many years of collecting, we had more than enough coral to fill the mail sorter.  I like the contrast of the old wood with the white coral.

Another thing I can't resist collecting is old silver.  

On either side of the entrance to the dining room, I placed a set of old wood shutters/doors.  I was able to buy these for a steal at a local barn sale recently.  I'm still kicking myself for not buying more!   They had so many shutters at this sale and I wanted to buy them all and hang them on a wall in our master bedroom.  Unfortunately the hubby wasn't on board with my shutter wall idea so I only bought one set.  The shutter on the left has white porcelain door knobs and the woman who inherited the house told me they were actually shutter doors.  I like how they add some interesting detail to a boring entrance.

I love this little green, metal side table I bought for nothing at an estate sale.  I wish there had been two.  All I had to do to the table was give it a good cleaning.  The green paint was already on the table along with a little big of aging and character. 

The green 'table' on the left side of the picture is a ceramic garden stool I bought on clearance at Home Goods.  It's almost the exact same color green as the metal table purchased at the estate sale.  

It's wonderful living in our new home and feeling settled.  After feeling like our life was in limbo for the last 2 1/2 years it's nice to set down some roots and know we're going to be here for awhile.  We've already made lots of memories here and I look forward to making many more.  For Hunter this will always be the house where we adopted our first dog as a family.  He's loving living here with the large backyard, a dog to play with and lots of room to ride his bike.  The living room and all its 'stuff' isn't what makes this our home, it's the people who live here and the memories we make while we're  living here.  

I'm always hesitant to show pictures of my house on the blog.  I'm fine with showing the before and after pictures of a piece of furniture I've worked on, but house pictures make me nervous.  I never want people to feel like I'm bragging, for lack of a better word.  I'm not a professional interior designer, nor do I have any formal training.  Anyone can do this stuff.   I'm only sharing because I received comments and emails asking for pictures of the new house and I aim to please!  I'm hoping that by showing you how I've decorated my house and not spending a ton of money doing it, this can help or inspire you in your own home.  There's only one expensive item in this room and that was the leather couch.  We did splurge on that last year from Restoration Hardware.  Other than that, nothing is crazy expensive or out of reach in this room.  Decorating a room doesn't have to cost a fortune and can easily be uniquely yours.  It's all about finding the right pieces and putting them together to reflect your style, tastes and interests.   

I hope you enjoyed this picture-packed tour of our living room.  Thank you for reading!

Take care,

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My Amazing Milk Paint Buffet Makeover

I have a few, I'm addicted to Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes and two, I'm a sucker for cool, vintage buffets (well, that's kind of a lie...I'm a sucker for anything cool and vintage! ).  I have four or maybe six buffets (two could technically be called china cabinets...LOL) in my house right now and that number changes from time to time depending on what I've purchased or sold recently.  I'm always on the hunt for something  pretty, with great lines, that is functional.  

Buffets aren't just for dining rooms anymore!! Did you know that?!  We have one in our family room that we use as a Media Cabinet.  It's perfect for our TV, cable box and DVR as well as all the cords, laptops, and other electronic accessories a modern family uses.  We also have a new buffet addition in our entryway.  It's a perfect drop off spot and storage space for the dog's leash, flashlights or anything you might need as you go out the front door.

Our newest addition was purchased on one of our local Facebook tag sale pages.  A sweet woman was selling off pieces from Great Aunt's estate.  The buffet was part of a dining set, but I just didn't have room for all of the pieces,  so she kindly sold me the buffet from the set.  It was such a beautiful piece with tons of character.  I could see past the few minor cosmetic problems and see what it could be when I was done with it.  

Well, our move happened so the buffet sat untouched for months.  Then not too long before we moved I  posted a picture of the buffet on my Facebook Group Page (if you're not already following me on Facebook please do!  I post there a lot more than here).  I asked for opinions on what I should do to the buffet.  The overwhelming answer I received was to do NOTHING at all.  One thing a picture can do, especially a not-so-great iPhone picture, is hide imperfections.  I had to do something to the top of the piece for sure.  There were a lot of water marks, scratches and blemishes on the top.  There were spots where the veneer was coming off as well on the sides, but overall it was in good condition.  However, I couldn't leave it as-is.  I knew it needed to be updated, while maintaining its beauty and character.  Guess what?  I had just the solution!!

Here's the one and only before picture I have!  Due to the fact we were in the middle of a big move, I was glad I still had the picture I posted to my Facebook page!  This picture is from our old house where the buffet had a place in the dining room.  You can see some of the water marks on the top near the typewriter.  The rest of the blemishes are hidden with 'stuff'.  

From the moment the buffet came to live at in house I knew what I wanted to do to it and where I wanted it to go in our new home.  So after we moved, the buffet sat in the basement waiting for it's turn on the makeover list.  Finally after a few weeks of waiting patiently I decided it was the buffet's turn for a facelift.  

This summer at the Haven Conference I took a workshop with Marian from Miss Mustardseed and Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect.  I had used Marian's milk paint line once before, but didn't have the best experience....only because I really had no idea what I was doing with the paint.  However, after taking the workshop and learning to use her milk paint line, Miss Mustardseeds Milk Paint, I fell in love with the whole paint line.  I was able to learn how to use the paint from the creator of the colors and the line so how could I not fall in love?!  The milk paint color choices are beautiful and they have amazing depth of color, which I knew would be perfect for my buffet project.

I picked the color Typewriter for my project, which is a dark blackish-grey or the color of a vintage typewriter.  I ordered my paint from Patty at Classic Wall Finishes and once my order arrived (which was super fast as always!) I got started painting.  

I only wanted to paint the necessary parts and leave the others natural.  I mixed up my paint, milk paint comes in a powder form.  I used 1 part water to 1 part milk paint and mixed with a whisk until I had the right consistency.  I applied two coats of milk paint to the body of the buffet and the legs.  The first coat went on and I knew I had made the right choice in color and paint.  

After my second coat of paint was dry, I gave the piece of bit of sanding with some 220 grit sandpaper only on the parts where I could see the paint chipping or I wanted to add some distressing.  Then I applied a coat of Miss Mustardseed's furniture wax.  I'm head over heels in love with this wax.  It's natural, doesn't smell gross and goes on like butter!!  The cool thing about milk paint is you don't really know what it will do on a piece.  Sometimes it gets chippy in spots and sometimes it doesn't.  If chippy isn't the look you're going for, all you need to do is add some bonding agent and no worries the paint won't chip.  It will go on in that same deep variated color with or without the bonding agent.  This time the paint gave me just what I wanted.....some chippiness in a few spots!

For the rest of the buffet (the doors, drawers and decorative top piece) I applied two coats of Miss Mustardseed's hemp oil.  The hemp oil brought out all the deep tones in the wood and gave it new life.  It was exactly what this piece needed to give it a much needed update and protect it for another 100 years or so.  

Here's the finished buffet staged in my new front yard!!  

You can really see the variation and depth in the color.  It's beautiful!

The buffet is updated now and yet has all it's beautiful character still showing through.  

You can see some of the areas where the paint got a little chippy and gave it that aged look I was going for.

 On the top you can really see how the chippiness gives the piece age without looking faked or planned.  It looks like the paint has worn and aged on it's own over the years.

Here you can see that incredible depth and variation in the color.  

I have to stop and pause for a moment while I look at the breathtaking drawer details and curvy, carved legs.....OH I'm in love!!

One thing I forgot to mention was the drawer hardware.  I cleaned all the original hardware with some vinegar and baking soda and put them back on.  I thought they looked great like they were and didn't need any updating other than a good cleaning.

I'm quite thrilled with how the buffet turned out.  I know I've done my part to help it live on for many, many more years.  I posted a quick picture a couple of weeks ago on my Facebook Page and the woman I bought the buffet from was thrilled with the results.  This was what she had to say about the updated buffet,
"Melody, my great Aunt Marie would have been so pleased with the beautiful work that you created out of our families antique buffet. You left a certain authenticity and yet modernized it by your quality of work and vision.  I'm glad you posted a picture, funny enough today I was wrapping up her estate and fondly remembering her and our family's 100 year legacy. 

Thank you, I hope the next person to own it has many wonderful days with it and boy if that buffet could speak the stories it could tell!!!"

No one could have given me a better compliment on my work.  Knowing I did the piece justice and her Great Aunt would have loved the way it turned out warms my heart and makes me know all the hard work paid off.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this post.  I know I write this all the time, but I truly mean it...your comments and feedback are important to me.  I love hearing from you and also hearing about your projects.  So please keep those comments and emails coming.  

Take care and have a great week!

A New Light For Our New Home

**This is a sponsored post by My Passion For Decor**
I've been compensated for this post with product.   However, all comments are my own and are based on my personal experience with the company and it's product.

While I was at the Haven Conference I was lucky to meet Rachael of National Builder Supply.  I just happened to sit at her table during lunch and we started talking about blogging of course.  We exchanged business cards and I wasn't sure if I'd hear from her or not.  That was until I got an incredible email from her asking if I'd like to review a product from National Builder Supply.  I jumped at the chance and then spent the next few hours perusing their website.  They carry everything from bathroom fixtures to lighting to water heaters and the prices are all discounted.   They have a huge selection of high quality items at great prices.   

I finally decided on a light fixture for the new house.  I had originally thought I'd change the dining room fixture so I ordered the Maxim Lighting Nexus Single Tier Chandelier in the satin nickel finish.  When it arrived I was thrilled first at how quickly it shipped and second by how beautiful it was.  Then I realized it would look way nicer in the eat-in kitchen.  I didn't like the fixture over the table.  I wanted something more modern that gave off more light.  

Here is the eat-in kitchen and fixture before....

The old fixture wasn't working for us.  The little shades never sat straight and the fixture didn't give off enough light.  I wanted a different look for the room and this just didn't fit in with that look.

These little shades drove me matter what I did they wouldn't sit on the bulb straight!

When my new light fixture came I couldn't wait to get it hung up!!!  I've never received a light via the Internet so I was worried what state it would arrive in.  National Builder Supply does a great job of quickly shipping things and ensuring they're not damaged.  The light was packaged so well!

The instructions for the Maxim Lighting Nexus Single Tier Chandelier were easy to follow.  This is important to me because I'm the worst with following directions.   If I can do this, anyone can.

I took the light out of the packaging and took the other light fixture taken down.  It was finally time to hang up the light.  I determined the height I wanted the fixture, then with the help of the hubby we cut the wires and the chain to the correct height.  This was easy with the help of a wire cutter and some pliers.

Here's the hubby working on the wires.

All ready for a gorgeous new light!

We got it all hooked up and ready to hang.

I liked it better already, even without the shades.

We didn't even have to buy new bulbs.  The new light used the same bulbs as the old light fixture.

Here it is all hung up with it's pretty shades.  The shades on the Maxim Lighting Nexus Single Tier Chandelier fit underneath the light bulb and go on perfectly straight and stay put.  No more trying to make them even every day or using a level to make sure they're not off kilter!

I love how the light updated the room and gives off more light at the same time.  I couldn't be happier with how it looks and functions.

I haven't shared many pictures of the new house on the blog.  I've been so busy getting things put away and in order around here it's been hard to find the time to blog.  Not to mention the hubby had a big milestone birthday, which required a party in our new home after we'd been in the house for a month (yes, I'm crazy!).  I'm hoping to add more posts about the house in the upcoming weeks.

Here's a few pictures of the new light in our eat-in kitchen area.  This is right off the kitchen, which has a HUGE island in the middle and I mean HUGE.  It fits 6 bar stools, which thankfully came with the house.  I can't even reach across the island to clean it without lying across it with my feet off the ground.  We don't use the kitchen table for eating unless we have people over.  It's a long walk from the kitchen to the table and it's a lot easier to just serve everyone at the island.

We had thought about not using the area as an eat-in kitchen at all, but once the movers put the table in, We realized we needed the table in there.  It just makes sense and I love how it looks with the new light!

The walls were already painted the yellow color, which looks a lot more yellow in this picture.  I  touched up the paint a bit where needed and went with it.  We did have the kitchen painted, which you can see a bit of in this picture below.  I'll be sharing more about the kitchen soon.  I will tell you we painted it a dark grey and I love it!!  The yellow I'm living with for now and it's growing on me (I've never been a huge fan of yellow!).


I haven't had a ton of time for fall decorating, but when I saw this quote I knew I wanted to use it somewhere in the house.  I figured my antique mirror, turned chalkboard would be a perfect spot for it. I hung on a wall in the eat-in kitchen and added a little glitter fleur de lis for a bit of bling.

I picked up some mums at our local grocery store and some baby pumpkins to make a quick and easy centerpiece.  In the summer I had bought a big bag of toy blocks and they were a great addition to my centerpiece.  I wrapped the base of the mum in burlap ribbon and placed it on top of a vintage silver platter then stacked the pumpkins, gourds and toy blocks on top.   This is an easy and quick fall centerpiece, which turned out to be perfect for the hubby's milestone birthday party too!  

My gorgeous light fixture from National Builder Supply grounds the room and looks amazing.  They have such a great selection it was hard to pick just one, but I couldn't be happier with my choice.  The quality, price and selection made it the perfect place to find a unique light for our home.  I will definitely be going back to purchase a few more lights for the house and possibly a toilet and faucet for my powder room renovation! 

Thank you for reading and for your kind comments and emails.  I got an email from a reader yesterday and it made my day.  It seems when I'm feeling frustrated with blogging or my lack of motivation to do another project, I get sweet emails from readers that remind me how much I love what I do.  Thank you again for inspiring me to keep plugging along here.  I have the best readers around!  XOXO

Have a great week!