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Well, I finally got around to taking some pictures of one room in the new house. This is one room I feel is almost done.  I don't know if a room is ever done because in my life a room is constantly evolving and changing depending on what I find along the way.  We've been living in our new house for just over two months now and It's feeling more like 'home' every day.  There are still lots and lots of things to do like organize the office,  figuring out my work area in the basement and working on our master bedroom to name a few.  I'm happy with our progress so far.  I need to remind myself to be patient things don't happen overnight.   Also, a house is never really 'done' is it??

My favorite room in our house is probably one of the least used rooms....the living room.  When I walk in the living room I immediately feel relaxed and happy.  It's bright, airy and full of some of my favorite pieces.  Sometimes when I feel like I need a break from life, I walk in the living room,  sit down on the big leather sofa and enjoy a few quiet moments (That is until the dog, cat, hubby or Hunter find me!).  

Here are a few pictures of the new living when I saw a few, I mean a lot!

The living room walls are a blue-grey color, which don't show up as blue-grey in this picture.  However, this picture does show why I love this room so much....the brightness. The light floods in, especially on a sunny day.

My favorite part of any room is always the corner with a comfy chair,  with lots of light to read and enjoy the sun.  This little corner of the living room is the perfect spot to relax, take in the view outside, read a book and enjoy the sunshine.

One great thing about this room is the fact it was recently painted by the previous owners.  The color works great for us and was similar to the blue we had in our last house. This meant I didn't have to paint!  All I did in this room was remove the blinds and decorate.  When we first moved in,  I had plans to remove the blinds and put up curtains.  Once I removed the blinds, I realized I liked the look of the windows without any window coverings.  Thankfully we don't have lots of neighbors!  

In this picture you can see my antique mail sorter.  This was hung horizontally on a wall in our old dining room, but in this house I couldn't find a place I wanted it to hang.  I decided to stand it up on its side on the floor like a piece of furniture and I love how it looks!!  

This china cabinet was in the entry way of our last house.  I've had it since I was little so it's very special to me.  I wrote a post awhile back about what I did to update it here Childhood China Cabinet.  

There are so many things in this part of the room that make me smile.  My little green side tables,  factory cart coffee table and my antique levels.  I started buying the levels last summer and now every time I see one for a good price I have to buy it.  Weird thing to collect, I know!  I love old levels, measuring sticks and rulers.  

This is another corner of the living room I really like.

It makes me happy when I look at this picture and realize there are only two things I didn't buy brand new (the glass cloche on the little side table and the tan pillow on the chair).  The slipper chair I scored at Goodwill.  It was brand new from Target, but for some reason it was returned to the store.  They salvaged it and then sent it to Goodwill.  Our local Goodwill gets a lot of stuff like this from Target, which is great for people like me! 

I've been collecting coral for years.  Every time we go on a vacation somewhere warm with a beach, I search for coral then bring it home as a souvenir.  Hunter has joined in on the search for coral now and after many years of collecting, we had more than enough coral to fill the mail sorter.  I like the contrast of the old wood with the white coral.

Another thing I can't resist collecting is old silver.  

On either side of the entrance to the dining room, I placed a set of old wood shutters/doors.  I was able to buy these for a steal at a local barn sale recently.  I'm still kicking myself for not buying more!   They had so many shutters at this sale and I wanted to buy them all and hang them on a wall in our master bedroom.  Unfortunately the hubby wasn't on board with my shutter wall idea so I only bought one set.  The shutter on the left has white porcelain door knobs and the woman who inherited the house told me they were actually shutter doors.  I like how they add some interesting detail to a boring entrance.

I love this little green, metal side table I bought for nothing at an estate sale.  I wish there had been two.  All I had to do to the table was give it a good cleaning.  The green paint was already on the table along with a little big of aging and character. 

The green 'table' on the left side of the picture is a ceramic garden stool I bought on clearance at Home Goods.  It's almost the exact same color green as the metal table purchased at the estate sale.  

It's wonderful living in our new home and feeling settled.  After feeling like our life was in limbo for the last 2 1/2 years it's nice to set down some roots and know we're going to be here for awhile.  We've already made lots of memories here and I look forward to making many more.  For Hunter this will always be the house where we adopted our first dog as a family.  He's loving living here with the large backyard, a dog to play with and lots of room to ride his bike.  The living room and all its 'stuff' isn't what makes this our home, it's the people who live here and the memories we make while we're  living here.  

I'm always hesitant to show pictures of my house on the blog.  I'm fine with showing the before and after pictures of a piece of furniture I've worked on, but house pictures make me nervous.  I never want people to feel like I'm bragging, for lack of a better word.  I'm not a professional interior designer, nor do I have any formal training.  Anyone can do this stuff.   I'm only sharing because I received comments and emails asking for pictures of the new house and I aim to please!  I'm hoping that by showing you how I've decorated my house and not spending a ton of money doing it, this can help or inspire you in your own home.  There's only one expensive item in this room and that was the leather couch.  We did splurge on that last year from Restoration Hardware.  Other than that, nothing is crazy expensive or out of reach in this room.  Decorating a room doesn't have to cost a fortune and can easily be uniquely yours.  It's all about finding the right pieces and putting them together to reflect your style, tastes and interests.   

I hope you enjoyed this picture-packed tour of our living room.  Thank you for reading!

Take care,

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  1. Wow girl! You did an amazing job! I love your eclectic taste and how everything just works together! You should be proud!

  2. MELODY!!!! I AM FREAKING OUT...THIS IS GORGEOUS!! Yes I realize I was yelling but I am just flabbergasted at its awesomeness!! COME TO MY HOUSE PLEASE!!
    If you have a chance would you LINK it up to our link party. I don't normally troll for links but this is FANTASTIC and I want the world to see it.

  3. I am in love with the cabinet in the room. Its perfect! Your dining room set up looks similar to mine!? West elm chairs? Brown leather?

  4. very very very pretty! I love how you are able to really mix your eclectic style into one cohesive collection--that is amazing!

  5. Gorgeous!! You are so talented when it comes to mixing and layering different pieces!

  6. Great job girl!! Can you please come decorate my living room? I love the mixture of furniture, fabrics, and you're overall styling. I bet it feels nice to have a room complete in the new house :)

  7. Looks gorgeous! So much character and great found items. Love it! xx

  8. Melody - what a beautiful room - so welcoming. I want to curl up in the chair by the window and read a book or take a nap. I am a huge fan of the way you put things together and accessorise a room. Looking forward o seeing more of your beautiful home.

  9. Melody- I love your room and am so happy that you are settled into something that will be your long term home. You have done a great job there- it looks warm and comforting-it looks like home! xo Diana

  10. Just beautiful Melody! Love all your vintage touches and the coral is so pretty, what a collection! Charming home for sure and I hope your family makes amazing memories as you live life in your new place!

  11. One word, drooling! Simply beautiful! I have my house going in the same direction, but don't have quite as many cool treasures as you do yet! Great inspiration tho, thank you for sharing!

  12. I love your room. It is so welcoming and warm, yet seems so personal. I think my absolute favorite thing is the levels and the film reals. I just love them so much! Beautiful!

  13. Looks very cozy! Has anyone ever told you (looking at your blog pic) that you look like Faith Hill?

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  15. Melody, your room is gorgeous and you are a fabulous decorator! I deleted my above post as I put a ? mark instead of exclamation mark - didn't want to be misunderstood - LOL! Love, love the room!

  16. WOW, I can see why you love this room! I WANT one! You are so talented at placing things just perfectly in your home. Would love for you to come over to my house next.

  17. I ADORE your decorating style - my favorite piece is the factory cart coffee table - I've been looking for something similar.

  18. I would feel relaxed and happy myself when I walk into your living room. Maybe because I love vintage things. Strange that you don't use your living room a lot. Just seeing your couch makes me want to lie down there all day! The shelf with corals also add a nice touch.

    Alayna Swan @

  19. You did an amazing job decorating your living room... Love the way you layered and displayed all your treasures! I love the coffee table, mail sorter with all your corals, the shutters, everything in your room.