My Passion For Decor Has Left the Building… To ME!

Hello, My Passion For Decor-ers! I'm SO happy that Melody invited me over to her amazing space while she's grabbing a little R and R! She's set the bar pretty high so hopefully you won't be too underwhelmed by my little ol' bureau redo. Let's all take a moment, though, to throw a little side eye to Miss Melody who's probably reading this on her phone with a fruity drink and waves lapping at her toes.... Grrr, the jealousy. Chalk Paint Dresser Redo
 I'm Charlotte and when I'm not being snarky about my friends on vacation, I blog over at Ciburbanity. Before you go looking up Ciburbanity in your dictionary, it stands for CIty + suBURB + sANITY. Almost 2 years ago, I moved from the glorious urban chaos of of New York City to our current grassy digs in Connecticut. A big adjustment to say the least. My blog was born as a way for me to share the thrifty projects I started to tackle to update our 100 year old home, document the activities I did with our kids to keep everyone sane, and the occasional ramblings of a rookie stay-at-home mom. Oh, and Craigslist is my jam. I love that place.
 Coming from NYC, we had a number of random furniture pieces that were on a more miniature scale to fit all 400 square feet of our life. My dresser was one of these pieces. This was what I was dealing with. I mean it fit 4 pairs of socks, 5 t-shirts, and a few thongs on a good day. Not acceptable for any good suburban mom…


And then this beauty came across my Craigslist screen. I loved the lines, the details, the bowed front and... the size! Bigger, but not too big.


The veneer on the top was in baaaaad shape. Kinda like me these days; aye-oh. I spent a little time on the world wide web and learned how to remove the veneer by placing a damp towel directly on the wood and placing a hot iron on top for about a minute. Using a paint scraper, the veneer came off pretty easily.



Annie Sloan's Country Grey is the base coat. And then just to add a hint of 'how do you do' I gave her a pair of stripes with a sample pot of Annie Sloan's Provence.
  Annie Sloan stripes

Let me start by saying that my credit card has taken a hit thanks to this dresser. One little furniture upgrade and I have DOUBLED my clothing storage space. Afterall, if you build it, they will come, right?




Thanks for taking the time to put up with me, aka Melody 2.0. I know she misses all of you dreadfully (nope... she's on a beach reading Us Magazine) and is so excited to be back blogging asap (again, nope... there are pina coladas and swim-up bars there, people! She's never coming back).


I posted about this bureau last summer so feel free to check out the long winded version here!

 xo Charlotte


  1. Amazing as always Charlotte! Thanks so much for helping me out! I love the dresser and how the stripes updated the piece!

  2. Thanks, lady! I barely notice the stripes because I'm too excited by all the new space! ;)

  3. LOL Charlotte!! The thongs - on a good day - well, I'll just say, um, yes you're right on. Melody, please please remember your people here. At some point, you'll have to put down the umbrella drinks and come back to us. Right?...

    1. Of course I will be back! I am working on a few posts coming up. With moving and vacation and selling our house it's been difficult to get the posts photographed and done. Bepatient there's more to come! :-)

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