For the Love of Stripes

I love a lot of things.  I'm starting to realize the older I get the more 'things' I love.  Of course I love my family, friends, dog, cat and UPS guy (who doesn't love it when the UPS guy delivers packages!).  BUT I'm taking more about 'things' as in collections.  I've never been a huge collector, until the last two years.  I did collect two things in my early 20's however....wicker baskets, anything black and white cow and Mary's Moo Moos.  Here's a pic in case you don't know what a Mary's Moo Moo is.  

Yes, I used to love those little white and black cows.  It became my go-to gift, so every time I had a birthday, etc  got another cow.  That's when I realized I really didn't like them anymore.  I have to point out this was the the early 90's people.  I was into anything sea foam green, peach, wicker and black and white cows!  I did keep the cows for about five years and then I moved on and never really found anything else I loved collecting until I started collecting globes, kitchen scales, carpenters rulers, levels, anything metal and industrial......I think I will stop now before this gets too embarrassing.  

I've always loved and been drawn to stripes.  I like just about anything that's striped (well maybe except large horizontal stripes on my clothing...I'm not that brave!).  I'm drawn to stripes like a moth to a flame...ummm might be the wrong analogy, but you get my drift.  

I've painted a few pieces with stripes and I know I'll do more before I'm done painting furniture, If that ever happens!  

Speaking of striped my super smooth segue???  I finished a striped dresser a few weeks back I really like, but forgot to write about. 

Here are a few before pictures

Basically this dresser was ugly, super dirty and really lacking in any character or personality.  I figured I knew what I could do to change all that....Paint on some stripes!!

I started first by giving this dresser, purchased in the basement of an estate sale home, a very thorough cleaning.  It surprising how much dirt comes off this old and neglected furniture.  After the dresser was clean and dry, I gave the inside of the dresser body and the insides of the drawers a coat of Zinsser™ Shellac.  I like to do coat the insides of old pieces with shellac because it takes those old dresser smells away.  I also like knowing it's a fresh clean surface when putting items inside for storage.

Next step was to paint the dresser.  I painted the entire outside in Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan in Coco.  I applied two coats of paint then let that dry in between coats.  I wanted to make sure the dresser was dry so when I applied my painters tape I didn't pull the finish off.  

I measured to find my middle and where I wanted to place my stripes.  Then I taped it all off and painted the stripes in Chalk Paint™ in Napoleonic Blue and Pure White.  I applied to coats of each color then pulled off my tape.  One trick I've learned to avoid bleed through when painting stripes, is to take a credit card or something similar and run it across the edges of the paint.  It makes a big difference!

After a coat of soft clear wax I very lightly distressed the piece to accent the details on the drawers and give it an aged feel.   Last step was adding new hardware and I was done!

Here's the finished dresser. 

One thing you might notice is I love navy blue.  My favorite colors for an older boy's room are red, white and blue.  I like the nautical, Americana, and rugby vibe of all these colors together.  The Coco, Napoleonic Blue and Pure White work perfectly together to give the dresser the look I was going for.

I had planned on selling this dresser and had some takers, but I think I'm keeping this one.  Not sure where it will go in the new house, but I have lots of room and know I will find somewhere for this one.  

I had a furniture sale/tag sale at my house this weekend.  I sold a lot of pieces that I hadn't planned on selling and WOW it felt so great!  It was nice to pass on some of the pieces I've worked on and loved to some great new homes.  When I get to the new house I will definitely need to find out where all the great thrift stores and flea markets are so I can replace the pieces I sold!  

By far the best part about having this sale was meeting so many of you!  I've dreamed of owning a store where I could sell my furniture and vintage finds, but also offer design advice, etc.  After having the sale I feel like this dream will become a reality.  I'm not sure where or when, but I know it's going to happen for me.  Now all I need to do is convince the hubby to stay in one place long enough to open a store!  Not sure either one of us has any say in that :-)

I'm really thankful for each and everyone of you that reads this blog, follows me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Hometalk or Instagram.  Every time I hear from one of you, it makes me smile!  Thanks for coming on this long and winding road with me....who knows where it will take me next!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Love it! Perfect for a boys room!

    1. Thank you!!! Now if I can just convince Hunter he needs this dresser in his play room ;-)

  2. I absolutely love it!!! I'm impressed at how straight you keep your lines. Even with tape and rulers and levels, I can't keep things straight. Seriously...even a paper cutter doesn't help me cut paper straight!!! ;)

    - Brooke -

    1. HAHA Brooke! It's a lot easier to tape off straight stripes than cut them in paper! You would faint if you saw how horrible I am at cutting!! :-)