Guest Post: What I'd Buy on Craigslist This Week (In Chicago!!) by Anne Thompson

Hi friends!
I'm tickled pink to be back here at My Passion for Decor, and am looking forward to guest posting more in the future, so thanks Melody!
When Melody told me she was moving to Chicago, I thought - time for a housewarming gift! Thus, this list of what I'd buy on Chicago Craigslist this week, and wowza is there some GOOD stuff!
Here we go!
1. These clean and modern wicker chairs ($15 each)would be perfect in a home office, or at a kitchen table.

Aren't these pretty?
2. I'm not sure where this collection of great old wooden desks came from but it is great! There's a whole herd of them. $25 each!!

I just love them for boys rooms - especially the top two, with the more straight lines and legs.
Kim at Kim Elkins Designs did a lovely one in black.

3.  Hey Melody, how about a cute little mail rack like this one to organize your new place? Someone even added a great vintage US Postal Service Box to it. $50! I can just see it all distressed and painted by you.

4. I think this hutch would be perfect for a smaller bathroom (ideal for storing soaps, towels, pretty jars of supplies)

kind of like this one from savvy southern style. Pretty, right?
Or it could also look great on a porch this time of year. Here's a cool hutch on display on a very eclectic porch from Somewhat Quirky Design.
Asking price is $100. You might be able to get it for less? I'd sure try.

5. Last but certainly not least is this awesomely versatile pieceIt could work in a hallway, bedroom, or living room. (Probably too short for a dining room sideboard). 

Imagine the storage!

Reminds me of this piece from Layla Grace that'll set you back well over $2K, and our Craigslist version offers doors to hide stuff that Layla's doesn't!

Asking price for the one on CL... $40!
Melody, hope you're settling into your new digs, and enjoying your new adventure.  Thanks for letting me hang out with your readers!
Oh, and a word to the wise. Stuff on Craigslist in Chicago doesn't last long at all. If you like one of these things, I say run!



  1. Anne! Great post and I can't believe all the cool stuff you found! The desks and hutch pieces were to die for! I think I need one of the desks for sure, right? Thank you for writing and doing the research for this fun and informative piece. You've inspired me to start searching Craigslist again!!!

  2. Welcome to Chicago, Mel! Hope you find lots of good stuff up there!

  3. Love it! I never find stuff like that on my craigslist!