My New Peaceful Front Door Using Modern Masters

**disclosure:  I was compensated for this post with product.  However, I would never recommend a product I don't love or wouldn't use myself.  -Melody

I'm always excited about sharing new projects with you, but this time I'm ecstatic!  Why you ask??  Let me tell ya!  I've been painting as far back as I can remember (I'm only 21 so really it's not that long...wink, wink!) and I've used lots of products.  Some I like, some not so much and some I LOVE.  I have my favorite furniture paint, wall paint, but I never had a favorite front door paint....why would I?  I always thought front doors are painted with the same type of paint you put on walls, except for outside, no?  Well, I learned that not all paints for your front door are the same!  This week I painted my door using Modern Masters Front Door Paint and WOW....for real I'm in paint love!  Is that even a thing?!

One thing that really sold me on this paint was the fact is NEVER-FADES, as you can see here on the label. That means I won't have to worry about painting my door again anytime soon. 

Being a good blogger, I took lots of before pictures of my brown front door.  Now I have to point out that I didn't paint the front door brown, but the builder did.  Not my color choice, but hey it's a neutral....who am I was boring.   Today when I went to write my post, I pulled up all the pictures and my before pics were gone!   I've been searching for the last two hours for them and they're nowhere to be found.  Luckily,  I do have a small picture I took with my iPhone that shows beautiful brown color.

Here's our brown front door.  I know you're jealous!  

Before I get started, I want to quickly talk about how I chose my door color.  First, I have a brick and taupe house.  I looked for colors that would compliment the red toned brick.  Modern Masters has a free app you can download on your smart phone or tablet that makes choosing a color easy as pie!  All you do is take a picture of your door then try each color and see which one you like the best.    How easy is that?!  Their color palette is based on an emotional color wheel.  Each color has an emotional name like Happy or Passionate.  I'm loving navy blue right now, so I chose Peaceful which is a nice deep navy.  There were a lot of choices and it wasn't an easy decision, but choosing the color was the hardest part....really!!

Once I determined the color,  my paint arrived in the mail and I prepped my door for painting.  This was an easy process because my door was in good shape,  it didn't have glossy paint finish and I wasn't going with a lighter color than my current door color (no need to prime).  To prep the door for painting, I washed it with some mild soap and water, then rinsed and let it dry. Once my door was dry, I got started. 

I will be honest, I thought this was going to be a big chore that took hours and hours, but I was so very wrong.  I started painting and 20 minutes later the door was done.  I'm not kidding!  The paint dries in about an hour to the touch.  Two hours after the first application you can apply the second coat.  I really wasn't sure I needed a second coat because it was covering so well, but in the directions it suggested a second coat to bring out the true depth of the color. 

This is how the door looked after one coat.  I thought I could stop there, it looked great, but I followed the directions instead.  Plus, at this point I had only used about 1/8 of the container of paint!  

As I waited for the front of my door to dry I thought, "Hmmm I have my new navy blue painted  ceiling in the dining room, which is right by to the front door, why not paint the inside of the door navy too?"  Of course I had to jump right on that and got painting.

Here's the inside of the door after the first coat.  The first coat went on great, but because the door was white, it needed a couple more coats.  Sorry, bad iPhone pic!

Here's the inside of the door drying after two coats of Front Door Paint!  It was probably fine with 2 coats, but again I hadn't even used half the paint in the container so I added a third coat for good measure!

All in the painting of my front door took 3 hours.  About 45 minutes to paint, inside and out and the rest was drying time.  Easiest front door project ever!!  This paint didn't smell weird toxic smell hanging around the house for days.  I can't say enough great things about this paint.

Here's the front door all dried and ready for some pics.

I can never leave well enough alone...I wanted to add a little bit of whimsy and surprise to the front door, so I bought a Welcome stencil at the store and used some yellow patio paint to give it some pop!  I love it!

I added an old Chianti crate I had sitting in the basement, some white ceramic lanterns from Target, a fern in a painted galvanized bucket, a new door mat and a bright yellow mum and I had a beautiful front entry.  I've always been a fan of navy, white and yellow and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Here's my easy update for a worn out door handle....give it a quick spray of oil rubbed bronze spray paint! 

Pssst....I have a little confession to make...that door isn't really the first thing you see when you come up to the house.  It is technically our front door, but we have a large courtyard with an outdoor fireplace at the front of the house.  There's a gate you need to go through to get to the front door.  It was a very boring shade of taupe, until I hit it with some of my Front Door paint!  

The hubby came home from work and I showed him the finished front door.  He loved it and said, "Why don't you paint the front gate?"  I had thought the same thing, but I figured he'd think I was crazy.  Before he could change his mind, I went out and painted the front gate!  It took two coats and in no time at all I was done.  

Here's the front gate....

I LOVE how the blue pops against the red brick and the taupe trim of the entry way roof.

I have absolutely NO complaints about this product.  Not one!  If I had one, I'd honestly share it with you.  I don't believe in endorsing a product if I don't love it myself.  I have a huge crush on this paint.  One amazing thing...that container you saw in the beginning of the post?  It painted everything you see here....the entire front door and the entire gate, front and backs of both.  This was an easy, yet powerful 3 hour makeover on the front of our home.  Now I'm wishing I had more doors to paint!!  

Now that the weather is getting a bit chillier, well in some parts of the country, it's a perfect time to paint your front door.  If you have a spare 3 hours and want to make a dramatic impact to your curb appeal, this is the product for you!  

Have you used the Modern Masters Front Door Paint?  Are you planning any big outdoor projects before winter arrives?  I'd love to hear all about your projects!  I love your comments and emails so keep them coming.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Swap It Like its Hot Part 2! Flea Market Swap

Hello!!  It's that time again...time for some fun flea market swapping!!  For #swapitlikeitshot part 2 we have more bloggers joining in the fun a total of 26.  Make sure to stop all the other blogs and see what everyone made with their flea market finds.  

This time around it was my friend Jessica, from Gourley Girl and Guy's turn to send me some flea market treasures.  Jessica sent me a glass vase, a silver plate bread basket and a small lace panel.  

The minute I opened the box and saw what was inside I knew what I'd do to these beauties.  However, life being the way it is....I procrastinated until yesterday to start on my project.  In my mind I thought, "Hey this will be easy, why do it now when I have so many other things to do?"  Luckily, it wasn't hard at all and things went alright...PHEW!

The first thing I needed to do was take the jute rope off the glass container.  Once I got that off I had a bit of double sided tape to remove with some soap and water and a bit of elbow grease.

What I didn't realize, until I got the rope off was inside the container was an epoxy type material that was a bit trickier to get remove, but with a bit of work it all came out.

My original plan for all these pieces was to make a lantern, using the lace as a stencil and the bread basket as a lid.

I wanted to add a handle to the top of the lid/bread basket so I drilled a hole in the basket using my trusty Ryobi cordless drill.  

Once I had my hole drilled and my handle in the top of the lid,  I taped up the knob so I could spray paint the lid and the base of the handle.  For the handle I used a knob I had left over from another project.  The knob is a pretty cut glass drawer pull from Hobby Lobby.

Next thing I did was scour the house for possible stands for my lantern.  I found three options and after trying them all decided to use the one on the front left

 I found this candle holder at Goodwill a couple of years ago and wasn't using it and it was the perfect size for my lantern.  Notice all the bubbles?  I hadn't finished rinsing the container yet...I couldn't wait any longer to get going!

Once my jar was nice and clean I took my lace and cut a piece to size and lightly taped it on my glass container with a few pieces of Frog Tape™.   To be honest, this was the hardest part of the whole process.  Trying to keep the slippery lace in place was tricky (oh yeah that rhymed!). 

This is how the lantern looked after I sprayed the glass with Valspar gold metallic spray paint.  I like how the lace pattern is there, but subtle and opaque.

I spray painted the candle holder I was using as the lantern base in the same gold spray paint.  Then I put a bead of Loctite epoxy around the edge and placed the glass container on top of that.  Within a minute I had a great seal.

After attaching the base to the lantern, I was all done...or so I thought!  I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out and felt like it looked a bit boring.  So I took the whole thing back out and gave it a bit more spray paint at the top and bottom of the glass.  

In the process of spray painting, it dawned on me that I could also use this as a vase too.  I had bought some hydrangeas and picked some more from the yard earlier in the day, so it was perfect timing for a vase.

I had some sheet moss on hand (again leftover from another project) and a Ball™jar.  I put some rocks in the bottom of the glass, then added the Ball™ jar and surrounded the jar with the sheet moss. 

All I needed to do was add my flowers and a little ribbon and I was done.

Here's my lantern/vase all done!

And here it is with some fall decor.

These cute little felted pumpkins I bought this week at Target in the $1 section. 

The large acorns I bought last year at Home Goods.

 Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and think they look stunning in my new vase!

Remember I mentioned earlier how I'd planned on using this as a lantern?  Well, here it is as a lantern....this is a double purpose project! 

 Just add the lid, some ribbon and a flame less LED candle and it's a lantern.

I might have gotten a bit carried away, but I wanted to show how changing up the ribbon gave the lantern a whole new look.  

There you have it folks, a quick and easy flea market swap.  The possibilities are endless!  I had a lot of fun doing this and can't wait to see what the other 25 bloggers did with their flea market treasures.  Be sure and check out what Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. did with what I sent her!  I'm interested to see what she does with the items I sent her! 

NOW, it's your time to shine!  Link up your flea market flips, your up cycles, your makeovers....I want to see what you've been up to.  If you don't have a blog, don't worry, as long as you have a Pinterest account you can link up your pinned project using your URL.   During the week I'll be picking some of my favorites and sharing them via the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! So be sure to follow me there so you can see what everyone is sharing.

Here are the links to everyone participating in the swap!


Faux Board And Batten Wall

The last few weeks have been really busy around here!  I've been working on a lot of projects in the house.  Once I get one project mess cleaned up, I start another.  Hunter likes to tell everyone we're renovating...we're not really tearing down walls or anything, but to him our lives feel a lot like a show on the DIY Network!  

Last week was the hubby's birthday and I had big plans for his gift.  Since we moved into our new house in April, the hubby's office, has been a dumping ground.  Everything that didn't have a 'home' was being stored in that front room.  I decided it was time to get that room figured out so he could actually use the office.  Also, the fact the office is the first thing you see when you come up to the house meant it needed to be done about 3 months ago!

I had planned on doing some sort of focal wall in the hubby's office, but wasn't completely sure what I wanted to do.  I went to Home Depot to get some supplies for another project and found inspiration in the trim department!

Here's what the office wall looked like before I got to work.  Believe it or not, this was actually clean compared to what it was!!

When I saw the trim at Home Depot, I decided to do a faux board and batten to add some detail to the main wall in the office.  This is the largest wall in the room, it's fifteen feet long and ten feet high.  It needed something!

 I bought nine pieces of pre-painted white lattice trim and two eight foot pieces of chair rail for the wall.  The total cost of the trim was only $40 and it was SO easy to do!  

To start,  I measured the wall and decided how high I wanted the top of the board and batten to be.  I then cut the lattice and the chair rail to fit the wall.   I broke the wall down into eight equal sections. There was already a nice baseboard in the room so I didn't need to add anything to the bottom of the wall.  The great thing about the lattice is it's only about a 1/4 inch thick and it sat on top of the baseboard perfectly.  On top of the lattice, I attached a chair rail.  I secured all the trim pieces to the wall using my Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer (best tool EVER!).

Here's how it all looked once all the trim was up. 

Next step was to fill the nail holes and caulk all the seams.  Caulking is really important!  This is what makes the end product look professionally done.  It fills in any gaps between the trim pieces and the wall. 

I painted the whole wall with the same paint I used on my plank wall, Sherwin Williams Snowbound in a satin finish.  The wall needed four coats of paint because to cover the dark taupe that was on the walls.  After the paint was on the project was done!

The whole project with drying time took  a couple of days.  I could have finished the whole wall in a day, but I was working on this project in-between other projects.  It could easily be done in a weekend.

Here's the finished wall...

The dresser I painted a couple of weeks ago for the hubby, now has a new home.

The hubby had wanted me to sell these plaid chairs and there was no way I was doing that!  I love how they look in with the dresser and against the white wall!

The office is just about done.  The next step is to paint the walls a dark grey.  The hubby and I are not huge fans of the current color.  Now, don't get me wrong, in a few rooms it's great, but this color is in EVERY room in our house, including our garage.  I'll just add painting to the office to my to-do list!  

This was an easy project that brought a lot of impact to the room.  I'm so happy with the results!  The hubby loves his office and enjoys having a space to call his own.  

Would you try something like this in your home?  Have you already done this in a room? 

I always enjoy reading your comments and emails, so keep them coming!

Thanks for reading,