Faux Board And Batten Wall

The last few weeks have been really busy around here!  I've been working on a lot of projects in the house.  Once I get one project mess cleaned up, I start another.  Hunter likes to tell everyone we're renovating...we're not really tearing down walls or anything, but to him our lives feel a lot like a show on the DIY Network!  

Last week was the hubby's birthday and I had big plans for his gift.  Since we moved into our new house in April, the hubby's office, has been a dumping ground.  Everything that didn't have a 'home' was being stored in that front room.  I decided it was time to get that room figured out so he could actually use the office.  Also, the fact the office is the first thing you see when you come up to the house meant it needed to be done about 3 months ago!

I had planned on doing some sort of focal wall in the hubby's office, but wasn't completely sure what I wanted to do.  I went to Home Depot to get some supplies for another project and found inspiration in the trim department!

Here's what the office wall looked like before I got to work.  Believe it or not, this was actually clean compared to what it was!!

When I saw the trim at Home Depot, I decided to do a faux board and batten to add some detail to the main wall in the office.  This is the largest wall in the room, it's fifteen feet long and ten feet high.  It needed something!

 I bought nine pieces of pre-painted white lattice trim and two eight foot pieces of chair rail for the wall.  The total cost of the trim was only $40 and it was SO easy to do!  

To start,  I measured the wall and decided how high I wanted the top of the board and batten to be.  I then cut the lattice and the chair rail to fit the wall.   I broke the wall down into eight equal sections. There was already a nice baseboard in the room so I didn't need to add anything to the bottom of the wall.  The great thing about the lattice is it's only about a 1/4 inch thick and it sat on top of the baseboard perfectly.  On top of the lattice, I attached a chair rail.  I secured all the trim pieces to the wall using my Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer (best tool EVER!).

Here's how it all looked once all the trim was up. 

Next step was to fill the nail holes and caulk all the seams.  Caulking is really important!  This is what makes the end product look professionally done.  It fills in any gaps between the trim pieces and the wall. 

I painted the whole wall with the same paint I used on my plank wall, Sherwin Williams Snowbound in a satin finish.  The wall needed four coats of paint because to cover the dark taupe that was on the walls.  After the paint was on the project was done!

The whole project with drying time took  a couple of days.  I could have finished the whole wall in a day, but I was working on this project in-between other projects.  It could easily be done in a weekend.

Here's the finished wall...

The dresser I painted a couple of weeks ago for the hubby, now has a new home.

The hubby had wanted me to sell these plaid chairs and there was no way I was doing that!  I love how they look in with the dresser and against the white wall!

The office is just about done.  The next step is to paint the walls a dark grey.  The hubby and I are not huge fans of the current color.  Now, don't get me wrong, in a few rooms it's great, but this color is in EVERY room in our house, including our garage.  I'll just add painting to the office to my to-do list!  

This was an easy project that brought a lot of impact to the room.  I'm so happy with the results!  The hubby loves his office and enjoys having a space to call his own.  

Would you try something like this in your home?  Have you already done this in a room? 

I always enjoy reading your comments and emails, so keep them coming!

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  1. Looks awesome Mel! It adds so much to the room! Now you are inspiring me to try it myself!

    1. Thank you Shanna!! I still can't believe how easy it was to do! I want to do it in my office, but the hubby says "don't go overboard!" LOL I need to come up with some other ideas for that space I guess. I hope you try this yourself!!

  2. This is such a great idea! I love how easy it is, and fairly inexpensive. Can't wait to see the whole room... you were right those plaid chairs look great with the dresser, good idea not to sell them ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!! Yes, lately I've been busy! It seems I'm always finishing one messy project then starting 3 more at the same time. :-)

  4. It looks great! What a wonderful idea for a focal wall!!

  5. Wow, you did that in between other projects? Looks so comfy, cozy and welcoming! Really great job.

    1. Thank you Arli, yes I always have lots of projects going on at one time :-) It's the norm around here...LOL

  6. Love your pics! Can I ask you about the SW Snowbound color? I have to choose a ceiling/trim color for my house. My walls are a light gray. I chose Snowbound - in all the pics I see it looks like a really nice white. But the paint chip does not seem to reflect that. In your opinion, is the Snowbound white? I really want a crisp white. Thanks so much!

    1. HI Judy, Snowbound is white in my house. It's crisp without being stark. Have you tried buying a sample can and trying it on the trim?