Cabinet Makeover Using Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint By Annie Sloan

*Disclosure-I was compensated for this post with products.  However, I would never suggest a product unless I loved and used it myself. ~Melody

HELLO!  I'm so happy to be sharing this project with you today!  I have lots of favorite Chalk Paint™ projects and this one is right up near the top.   Let me start off, like I always do, with a long drawn out story about where I acquired this piece (insert me laughing here).  I just so happened to get this gorgeous cabinet from Kate of The Golden Button when she was moving her store from Southbury, CT to Woodbury, CT.  Kate's my amazing and patient sewing teacher, who is an incredibly talented artist.  If you live in the area you need to stop in and visit her store.

I was lucky enough to get this cabinet from Kate, not too long before our move to Illinois.  I had to have it, but really at the time I had no idea what I'd do with it.  It needed a lot of love and time, which I had very little of then, so it sat patiently waiting for it's turn on "Let's Get a Makeover!"  That really needs to be a show!  

Here are a few pictures or this piece before I got started. It had some major issues....the veneer was peeling in several places, the door wouldn't close all the way (it was about 1/2 inch to big for the opening) and the whole cabinet was off-kilter and crooked.  I was worried I wasn't going to have the skills to fix the cabinet.

Well, fast forward to July and The Haven Conference in Atlanta!  There, I found out about the Annie Sloan Unfolded blogger program.  Now,  I've been using this paint and wax for almost 3 years, but I had no idea such a program existed!  I just happened to have the PERFECT piece of furniture to makeover and they had the best paint for the job.  

Here's what I received from the amazing people at Annie Sloan Unfolded.  These are all things I love and have been using since I started blogging.  All except that super cute wax brush.....but that deserves a post all it's own, so you'll have to wait to hear all about that one!  I will tell you it's the BOMB!!  It is the perfect shape for getting into nooks and crannies, like this piece has.

For this project I used Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Cream, Aubusson Blue and then sealed it all with Soft Wax in clear.  Annie Sloan has so many beautiful colors, it's hard to decide  which to use.  They are easy to mix to make custom colors, which is a huge bonus.  You can check out all the beautiful color choices here.

I talked about the damage this piece had earlier and here are a few pictures of some trouble spots.  The veneer was peeling and it looked like it had been pulled off completely on the sides.   The sides were all uneven where it was painted turquoise.  Also, part of the crown moulding on the sides was missing.  

All of the damage was in my 'wheel-house' so to speak, but the door....the door scared me!  It was 1/2 inch too big for the opening because somehow the whole cabinet was was crooked and a mess.     I had to re-nail the sides and the top using my nail gun.  It was just what this little cabinet needed to get it sturdy again.  For the door, I did the only thing I could think of which was,  take the door off and pull it apart.  This REALLY made me nervous.  

Once I got the door off, I could see it had been poorly fixed with LOTS of wood glue.  I did my best to pry the pieces apart, but some of them just wouldn't budge.  

After the door was taken apart, I put it back together using wood glue and clamped it until it was dry. Unfortunately, even after all this work, the door was still off.  I had to cut the door down the 1/2 inch. I was a bit defeated, but hey that's how it goes in the makeover game! Right?! Plus once it was all painted, it wasn't noticeable at all.

The next step was fixing all the peeling veneer, scratches, gouges and missing parts with a lot of wood filler.  Lots of wood glue and filler were used in this rescue along with my trusty clamps.

I couldn't have saved this cabinet without the help of my favorite wood filler and wood glue!

Once all the wood filler and glue were dry, it was time to get sanding.  I sanded for what seemed like days to get everything even, but really no amount of sanding and filling was going to make this piece perfect.  That's what I started to really love about this piece...its imperfections.  I fell in love with this perfectly imperfect cabinet one flaw at a time.

My plan for the cabinet's paint job was to paint the entire piece in one of my favorite Chalk Paint™ colors Aubusson Blue.  Now, if you refer back to the picture of all the Annie Sloan products I used on this piece, you'll see that small sample pot which holds 4 ounces of Chalk Paint™.  This little sample post covered the whole cabinet!  When people say this paint is too expensive and they'd rather make their own, I'm the first one to say that's not true at all!  This paint covers like no other paint AND a little goes a long way.  I could have waxed the piece and called it a day, the coverage was that great.

After the coat of Aubusson Blue, I coated the entire piece with clear soft wax.  Normally, I wouldn't do this until I was completely done.  However, this time because I was using the lighter Cream color on top, I wanted to make sure I sealed the blue underneath to make removing the top coat a bit easier.  In some areas, I really coated on the wax to give it a bit of a resist so the Cream paint wouldn't stick.

Now, for some reason I don't have any pictures of this part!  I gave the cabinet 2 coats of Cream Chalk Paint™ letting it dry in between coats. Once it was totally dry, which with Chalk Paint™ takes no time at all, I got a wet rag and got to work.  Instead of using sand paper to distress the cabinet, I used a wet rag and wiped away the Cream paint in the areas I wanted the Aubusson to show through. This gave me a lot more control, and allowed the Aubusson to shine through and not the wood.  This is how I like to distress furniture pieces where I want the underneath color to show through.  

The last thing I needed to do, was clean the original brass hardware.  I liked the hardware, but they were so dirty and covered in grime from years of use, they needed help.  I used some brass cleaner I had on hand and soaked the hardware in the cleaner for about 30 minutes, wiped off the cleaner and they looked brand new!'s my beautiful new and improved, but flawed cabinet in it's new kitchen!

I love how it looks against my newly painted dark walls and my light-up EAT sign!  Isn't she pretty?!

Here's an up-close look at the new and improved door, that actually closes!  Now it has a pretty, shiny brass handle too.

Really, the prettiest part of this cabinet is the carving on the drawer and door.  I really do love how the Aubusson against the Cream really brings those details out.  Before when it was all dark stained wood, these details didn't POP  like they do now!

I took this picture outside and in this light you can really see the carving.  The Cream looks almost off white in this light, but it's actually a very pretty light buttery yellow.

More of that beautiful carving, but this time on the door.

I can't forget to mention those legs....I adore a carved leg!

More beautiful details

There you have it!!  One of my favorite labors of love.  The inside of the cabinet.....I'm not quite done with.  I still need to get some shelves cut for the inside.  I cleaned and shellacked the inside of the cabinet, but that's as far as I've gotten.  In the next few weeks, I might line the inside with fabric or just stain the shelves to match the inside...I still haven't decided.

NOW for the fun part!!!  I'm having a giveaway!!  I'm giving away a copy of Annie Sloan's book , Quick and Easy Paint Transformations.   When I started using Chalk Paint™,  I bought this book and studied was my Chalk Paint™ Bible.  Now one of my lucky readers will get a nice, brand new copy of their own!!

I know you're asking yourself, "How do I win?" well,  its easy!  All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me, your favorite Chalk Paint™ color and what you would like to paint in your home.  Easy peasy!!  I will randomly pick a winner on Friday October 17.  

I can't wait to hear about your projects and what Chalk Paint™ colors you love!!

Thanks so much for reading,


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  1. do you do anything that isn't beautiful! Oh I can't wait to see the hater comments on Hometalk about this dare you make it beautiful with paint! LOL!!
    I love it!

    1. Thank you Karin! I haven't shared it on HT yet....I should go do that now for fun, right?! :-)

  2. Napoleonic blue would look great on an old chair in my son's room. You did a beautiful job. It must have taken days!

    1. Napoleonic is one of my fav colors too! Thank you for the kind did take me a few days, but so worth it!

  3. I believe the color is called mustard seed or yellow mustard seed and I would use it on my pie saver in my kitchen my husband and I are starting to build our house so I would use this color a lot and also I am such a newbie when it comes to transforming things but I am so willing to learn and I know this book will help me a lot so thank you for giving me a chance to win

    1. Kelly, there are two mustardy yellow colors from Annie Sloan. One is called Arles and the other English yellow. Both very pretty colors! It sounds like you're going through an exciting time right now building a home! How fun!!! Thanks for the comment :-)

  4. I believe the color is called mustard seed or yellow mustard seed and I would use it on my pie saver in my kitchen my husband and I are starting to build our house so I would use this color a lot and also I am such a newbie when it comes to transforming things but I am so willing to learn and I know this book will help me a lot so thank you for giving me a chance to win

  5. My favorite Annie Sloan color is Country Gray which I have used on several pieces, and plan to paint our kitchen island in this color. Melody, you do beautiful work . . . I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Thank you Lakeshorehaven! I've used Country Gray once and it's a beautiful color!

  6. I absolute most favorite color is the red Emperor's Silk. I'm working on an old sewing cabinet painting it this color but leaving the top natural wood stained almost black.

    1. I love Emperor's Silk too Emprint. Another one of my many favs! Your old sewing cabinet sounds beautiful!

  7. I love your piece, did you give it another coat of wax after the white? My favorite color is Duck Egg Blue, Elaine

    1. Thank you Elaine! I always finish my pieces with a coat of wax. I might have forgotten to mention that in the post. Duck Egg is a very pretty color and so fun to mix with other colors!

  8. I just bought French Linen chalk paint, clear wax and two brushes this week! My plan is to paint my desk and put it in front of the windows in my family room, which is painted a Camel color. I found your blog through a magazine feature on Facebook and what caught my eye is that the cabinet in your guest room is painted the color I just bought and with walls the same color! Thanks for combining these two colors so beautifully! If you haven't given away the book yet, I would love to be considered :)

  9. Found it. It was the Country Living Magazine Facebook post. Did you see it had 178 shares?!?

  10. I am in love with this! You have such a great sense of style and creativity :)

  11. Hello, U write some extraordinarily attractive blogs. I always check back here frequently to see if you have updated. Especially now, because I'm in the middle of my home refurbishment. Now I have only kitchen fitters aberdeen - and I need to finish 4 other rooms and 2 bathrooms:)

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