Paint Color Makes A Big Impact

This is a quick post, but an important one!  It dawned on me today, as I was putting rooms back together after having them painted, what a huge difference a can of paint can make to the feeling of a room.  I've mentioned before just how much I don't like the color that every room in our house is painted.  It's not that it's a bad color, it's just the fact that EVERY room is the exact same camel color....even the garage!  For me, color is important in a room it sets the tone of the room.  If I don't like the color, then I'm not going to enjoy spending time in there.  

This fact was very evident this week when the painter finished the hubby's office. The hubby didn't really love the color in his office, but he said he could live with didn't really bother him.  However, when the painter was finished and he walked into the room, he couldn't believe how the whole feeling in his office changed.  The room went from being a boring cardboard box to a warm and cozy room we both want to spend time in.  

Often times we think a color will be fine if we just leave it be.  Maybe we'll grow to like it?  However, a can of paint on the walls is an inexpensive way of changing the entire feel of a room.  The hubby's office looked fine with the camel walls, but with the new Kendall Charcoal walls, the room feels full of life and personality.  It's a bit moody as well.  This room went from bland and boring in seven hours.

The board and batten wall really POPS now against the darker walls.  Once the rest of the office is finished you'll be able to see there are two huge walls of windows in this room, so there's a lot of light flooding in all day long.  Before the camel color walls were washed out by all the light, but now during the day the room still feels warm and cozy.  It's a big room and it needed a dark color to give it some zip.

I love it when my vision for a room comes together.  Now that the walls are painted the darker Kendall Charcoal, it looks and feels exactly how I envisioned it when we bought the house.  It's a manly room the hubby can work in and feel at home in.  This color is a very versatile neutral so anytime we want to swap out the hits of red in the room, we can easily do that.

Is there a room in your home that you've put off painting because you think it's good enough for now?  I'm telling you, go out and buy a can of paint and spend a day putting it on the walls.  Then stand back and look at all your hard work and you'll say "WHY did I wait so long?"  

I want to hear from you!  What room in your house have you put off painting?  Is there a room in your home that's painted a color you're just 'tolerating'?  

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Oh yes lol any suggestions on colors for a colonial house. I want all the colors to flow effortlessly.. My main concerned is the first floor. We bought this house a year ago and still no paint brush in hand.

    1. Find a color you love, that's neutral, then look at the fan deck and paint swatch and pull colors from either up or down that paint swatch card. If you want it all to flow, that's the easiest way to do it in my opinion. Or, go on Pinterest and search best paint colors for a home and see what comes up. There are a lot of people out there who have shared their paint colors and what works best for flow, etc.

  2. Carpet...who is the maker and is it wool or a blend? I have been looking for a "sisal" looking carpet for my house.

    1. Coco, not sure on the carpet. We bought this house from someone who had it built, but I don't know the maker. I know we had almost the same carpet installed in two other homes in the bedrooms. It was from Lowes and Stainguard and definitely not wool. I don't like wool carpets in a home with kids or pets...too hard to clean.