The Piece That Almost Got Away...Reclaimed Table

Hello!  I'm happy to be sharing this post about the table that almost got away.  This isn't a story about how I found a table at a thrift store and almost walked away without buying it (I can't even count how many times that has happened!).  This is the story of the table I almost sold.  About six years ago, while living in Canada, I purchased this reclaimed wood table from a furniture store.  The hubby and I fell in love with it's character and bought the table for our family room.  We used the table for a year or so as a coffee table until we moved to Connecticut.  If you've ever moved, you know that pieces that might work in a room now, won't necessarily work in the same room in a new house.  Our family room in our new home was a lot bigger and this table just didn't work there anymore.  For the next several years the table was moved from house to house and room to room, never really finding it's home.  

We all know that when January arrives, it's time to start purging and organizing.  I kept staring at this table, which was sitting as a bench at the end of our bed, thinking I should sell this.  It wasn't really fitting in with the style in the master bedroom and I didn't think I had any other place for it.  However, every time I tried to list the table for sale, something stopped me.  The idea came to me one day that I should give the table a makeover and sell a pine trunk that was sitting behind our family room sofa instead.   The trunk sold quickly and it was time to give the table that almost got away a new look.

Here it is before...pardon the iPhone pictures! 

It was a beautiful table as it was, but because it had been moved so many times it was covered in scratches.  Also, the glossy varnish on the table didn't fit in with the rest of the house.  The table is solid reclaimed wood and it's VERY heavy and solid.  I've always loved the storage it provides, but it just needed an updated look.

I didn't want to coat the table in paint.  I wanted it to maintain it's character and charm, but lighten it up a bit.  I painted the table with some paint by American Paint Company in Navajo White that I had leftover from an earlier project.   I made sure not to coat my brush too heavily with paint.  I didn't want the paint go too deep into the wood grain.  I was going for an aged look, not a freshly painted piece of furniture.  

For me, when I'm trying to make a piece look old, it takes me way longer.  This was a process of adding paint, wiping it back, sanding, then adding a little more paint.  

Here's how the table looked after it was painted.  I love how all the wood grain and character really stand out once it's been painted.

After I was done with panting, it was time to wax.  I recently bought a new product from my friend Jill at Weathered Pieces.  Jill is a retailer for Debi's Design Diary DIY Paint and I'd been seeing her posts on Facebook about this new paint line.  I used the Liquid Patina, which is a liquid wax, to seal the paint on the table.  I am so in love with this stuff!!  I haven't been paid to write this, nor did I receive free product in return for a review.  I just really and truly like this product.  All I had to do was squirt the liquid patina on a soft cloth and wipe it on.....NO BUFFING!  No working my arms and shoulders off waxing a piece of furniture, wiping off the excess and then buffing.  It was wonderful and the finish is gorgeous.

I'm not saying I won't ever use traditional soft wax again, because I still really love the results it gives, but this is a great option.

Here's the table waxed and finished.

I couldn't remove the drawer pulls and because this is a two sided table, there are six drawer pulls.  I had to paint over them, which I'd never done before and it was tricky!   One nice thing about this being a two sided table was on one side I removed a bit more paint then the other, giving it a more authentic and aged look.  

The table now has a place behind my sofa in our open concept living room, kitchen and eating area.  I don't like looking at the back of a couch so this is a bit of a buffer now.  I had fun styling this one and decided to give it two different looks.  Here's the first look.

I can' hardly believe this is the same table I was going to sell! 

If you follow along here regularly, you know I love globes!  Normally I would never paint a globe, but this one had seen better days and as damaged.  I gave it a couple coats of chalkboard paint and had some fun with it.

In the past I've used this table under a window as a bench. It's perfect bench height, so here's another look for the new and improved table.

I'm not sure which look I like more!  I think I'll have some fun and switch it up when I get tired of one look,  Right now, the globes are there because they needed a home.

I know this post has LOTS of pictures, but that's how I roll folks!  If I actually used all the pictures I took, each post would be the size of a small novel. 

I hope you enjoyed this makeover as much as I did!  I'm happy I didn't sell this table.  How about you, have you almost parted with a piece, but kept it and gave it new life instead?  

Thank you for taking the time to read this!  




  1. I'm so glad you didn't sell that table! It's fantastic! I love it's new look and like the globes styled on it.

    1. Thank you Cecilia! I'm glad I didn't sell it too :-)

  2. Beautiful re-imagining, and I love the styling!!!!

  3. It's AWESOME!!!!! I adore that table! What a cool finish, I agree, distressing something can take forever! Love your succulents, they look marvelous, simply marvelous!

  4. Love both of the looks, Melody! You have such a knack for making over pieces and bringing out all of their character :)

  5. Hey Melody! This party is really rocking this week! So happy that you have joined our group! Cheers to a great week!