Painted and Stenciled Bench Makeover

DISCLAIMER:  I was compensated with product for writing this post.  However, if I don't love a product I won't give it the My Passion Decor seal of approval.

 I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  I'm sure if you're anywhere near Illinois, and so many other parts of the country, you're ready for winter to be DONE!  I'm ready to work outside in the garage with the doors open, while listening to the birds chirp.  I know spring must be on its way!

I decided instead of pouting about the weather, I'd do some painting.  This means, I need to work on something I can move myself and easily maneuver around the family room.  Today I worked on this cute bench I bought a couple weeks ago at a local flea market.  I could see past all the dirt, dried paint and cob webs.  I knew this little bench could be stunning!  I don't think the hubby saw my vision as he carried it out to the SUV however!

Here's the bench before I got to work.

You can see this bench was filthy.  Plus it had all kinds of spider webs underneath the seat. GROSS!  I'm not a fan of spiders OR spider webs!

I had to use my heat gun to get some of the larger pieces of caked on paint off the wood.

Once I cleaned the bench and scraped off the large pieces of dried on paint, it was time to brave the garage and the freezing cold to sand the bench.

I was excited about sanding (yes you read that right!) because that meant I could finally use this amazing sander Rockwell Tools sent me to try.  

The sander they sent me is the Rockwell 2.8 Amp CDS 5" Random Orbital Sander.

The best thing about this sander is the way it collected the dust!  My old sander made a HUGE mess when I sanded and I ended up covered in dust.  This sander is not only easy to use, didn't make a mess, but it sanded like a champ!  Before with my old sander,  I'd be sanding and sanding forever trying to get a smooth finish.  With this one from Rockwell, I was finished in a fraction of the time.  One last thing about the sander, there was nowhere near as much vibration as I had when using my old sander.  My arm didn't feel sore and jittery after using it!  This was a major bonus in my book!

Here's how the bench looked after I gave it a good sanding with my new Rockwell Tools sander and some 120 grit sandpaper.

Once the bench was sanded, it was time to paint.  I used Crushed Tea by American Paint Company for the top of the bench and Faded Burlap DIY Paint for the base.

 I painted the entire bench with two coats of the Faded Burlap and it looked so much better!

Once the Faded Burlap was dry, I painted the top with two coats of Crushed Tea.  I wanted the bench to be special and the color combo was pretty and all, but BORING.  To add some WOW factor to the bench I used my Cutting Edge Stencils Marrakech Trellis stencil on the top of the bench.  You might remember I used this same stencil for our Master Bedroom  focal wall in our Connecticut home. I love this stencil and I was happy to find another place to use it!

Here's how the top looked after I was done painting.  I used the Faded Burlap for the stencil as well.

 To seal everything I used some soft clear wax.  The top was so beautiful when I was done, I had to stand back and smile!  The top looked like old, aged wood and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Here it is without any staging so you can see the effect.  I'm in LOVE!

Thanks to my amazing new sander, the finish on this piece is smooth like butter!!

 I had originally thought I would sell this bench, but now I don't think I can part with it!  Now I just need to find a place for this beauty.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!!



  1. Love it. The sander looks like it has some great features. Th bench is really cute. I love the colors. Good for you for braving the cold and getting some painting done.

  2. Gorgeous job, love the pillows too and I think i might be buying a new sander now!

  3. Melody,
    Your Rockwell orbital sander sounds dreamy. My orbital sander causes my arm to go numb and I have tremors from my nerve injury. I am going to have to investigate this one. The bench turned out to awesome to sell.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

  4. What an amazing transformation! I seriously love little wood benches and would have them all over the house if I could!

  5. Melody, your bench turned out so stinkin' cute! I love the stencil you added to the top, what a cool touch!!

  6. Fabulous transformation! I love the stenciling!!