Vintage Map Nightstand

Fun thing about having a 10 year old Son....he wants to keep everything I make and loves that I redo furniture for him.  

I found this set of furniture on our neighborhood FB garage sale site.  The price was right and I liked the lines of the furniture.  

Hunter had needed a new nightstand for awhile.  The old Pottery Barn Kids start table he had wasn't working for him anymore.

Here's the nightstand before:

The nightstand wasn't in the best condition.  It had knicks and scratches  on the top.  The nightstand is solid wood, but has that fake wood veneer on top.  Because of all these factors, this one was getting a new paint job.

I had some American Paint Co paint on hand in Born on the 4th.  I love this color!  It's a dark navy blue and looks amazing with dark wax.

I painted the nightstand in two coats of the Born on the 4th, then let it dry

After everything was dry, I applied a compass stencil in a creamy paint.  

While my stencil was drying, I added vintage gas station maps to the drawer fronts.  I  used Mod Podge to decoupage them on the drawers.  I sealed the maps with more Mod Podge, then went over the maps with dark wax to give them some age and depth.

To finish off the piece, I waxed the nightstand with dark wax.  Then added new drawer hardware and I was done!

Here it is all done!

I really love how the dark wax deepens the color of the paint as well as gives depth and character to the maps.

The new drawer hardware works perfectly on this piece.

Here's the little stencil on top.  

I distressed it as well and used dark wax to give it some character.

Hunter loves his new nightstand.  That's when I know I've done a good job on a makeover, when my 10 year old critic loves my work!  I hope this nightstand will get many years of use.

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Aww, I love this, I think using maps is so cool! And the compass on the top is the icing on the cake. Great work as usual!

  2. This turned out beautiful!!! I love maps... Hunter is awesome and love that he loves what you do!!

  3. I love everything about this girl! I love how you added the compass to the top too! You are rockin and rollin girl!

    1. Thank you Karin! I love this one too. Plus it's for a special kid :-)

  4. Beautiful makeover and it is absolutely perfect for Hunter's room. I love that he likes to work with you on projects.

    1. Thank you Paula! I love how Hunter takes an interest in my projects too. Hopefully some day he'll want to do this as a hobby!

  5. I love this, you know I saw a similar redone small chest with the map details at a local
    "vintage" boutique and they wanted almost $300 for the thing! What a great transformation!

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