Dresser Makeover using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

There are times when I honestly wonder how I made it through another day!  I don't mean that in the sad sense, I mean I'm constantly forgetting where I put something, what I'm doing in a room and locking both sets of smart keys for my Mini Cooper in the car.  You might be wondering how that last one is even possible.....even I don't know.  Welcome to my life!  

I'm writing about all of this to explain, I wrote a post about a milk painted dresser awhile back.  I'm re-writing it because,  well.....I somehow deleted the post the same day it was posted and I could not get up the energy to write it over again.  I put the post on the back burner where it stayed for months.  

The back burner is off and it's moved up in the rotation! 

I bought this dresser and a vanity at an estate sale in Connecticut.  I went to the sale two days in a row.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to pay more than I normally would for this set.  I knew I'd keep them both for us, so I made the investment and took them home.  

I knew I had to paint the pieces.  They were both in pretty good condition on the exterior, but amazing on the interior. 

Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture for this piece.  That's a whole different story and I don't want to talk about that one!  HA HA  

I'll jump right to what I did to makeover the dresser. 

 I mixed up my Ironstone and Flow Blue Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint.  I'd been planning on trying this brand of milk paint for awhile.  I have since used it many times, but this was my first experience with the paint.  

I gave the dresser one scant coat of Flow Blue.  I wanted a small pop of color to show through on the top.  I let the paint and dry, about an hour, and applied another coat.  I let the paint dry completely and the flaking began.  I sanded and scraped all the flaking paint off the top.  I painted the entire dresser with two coats of Ironstone.  The rest of the paint on the piece flaked off just as I had hoped!  

The fun about using milk paint is you won't know if the paint will flake at all, where or how much.  There are ways to help that along, wax or vaseline.  If you don't want any surprises, you can add the bonding agent to the milk paint and it will prevent flaking. 

When the paint was completely dry, I began sanding off the flaky areas.  After sanding, I used a plastic putty knife to scrape off all the flaking painted areas.  I sealed the paint with hemp oil and changed the knobs.  She was done and a real shabby chic beauty!

Here's the finished dresser

I love how the milk paint flaked in all the right places!

I love this dresser and I've enjoyed having it in my home.  It's one of those, "I could never part with this one."  That is until your tastes change, which happens all the time to me, and you want to go another way.  This one is for sale and looking for a new home!

Thank you for reading.  Have a great week!


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