Antibes Green Cabinet Makeover: Green is Beautiful!

Hello!  Summer is finally here in Illinois!  I'm a summer girl and I feel my best when I'm outside working on furniture, listening to the birds chirp and kids playing.  Since the weather has been nice,  I've been busy working on a few fun pieces to share with you.  

First up is this Asian inspired cabinet I turned into an Antibes Green beauty!

I found this Asian inspired cabinet at an estate sale recently.  I fell in love with the clean lines and  beautiful wood.  What I didn't like were the Asian drawer pulls and the Asian embellishments in the corners of the legs.  This is how the cabinet looked before.  

The one thing you can't see in the pictures is the damage to the top of the cabinet.  It need some major work and a new look.  Since I knew I couldn't refurbish the top,  I went with saving the wood I could by not painting the drawers. 

Here's the cabinet after I took out the Asian embellishments in the corner of each leg.  

One of my most popular posts is a dresser I painted in a color inspired by Antibes Green Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan.   A few weeks ago, I asked readers on my Facebook page if they thought I should paint another piece in this green.  The answer was a resounding yes!  I took their advice to heart and found a new piece that needed some green!

My first step to giving this Asian inspired cabinet a makeover,  was remove the Asian embellishments on each corner.  The Asian motifs were easy to remove with a hammer and pliers. I wanted to remove them so I could transform this piece into something beautiful with a simple elegance.

After all the Asian motifs were removed, including the drawer hardware, I painted the cabinet with two coats of Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan in Antibes Green. 

Once my two coats of paint were dry, I waxed the entire cabinet with clear wax.  I wiped off the excess wax, then before the wax had dried, I added a coat of dark wax.  I worked the dark wax into the crevices and grooves, then removed the excess wax.  24 hours later, my wax was dry and I buffed the paint to a nice sheen.  

The last step was to wax the drawers with dark wax and add new cut crystal drawer hardware.  

Here's how the cabinet looks now!

I am so in love with the wood on the front of these drawers.  The contrast with the green is perfection!!  Not to mention the drawer knobs add to the beauty.

The cabinet is made so the back can be seen as well. 

Here are the new crystal cut drawer knobs.

I'm so in love with the wood front drawers!!

This is on my top 10 favorite projects list  The wood, combined with the Antibes Green and the cut crystal drawer knobs is a beautiful combination.  

I'd love to hear from you!  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my newest project.

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