Beat Up Wood Trunk Turned Fun and Playful

Hello!!  I hope you're all having a wonderful week.  

The last few weeks have been crazy around here.  I had a big garage sale (I didn't remember them being so much work!), I found my birth father and I've been trying to heal a painful problem I'm having in my back and side.  

I figured since I was trying to take it easy, I'd write a quick post about a beat up wood trunk I transformed into an adorable and playful beauty!

I found this quirky, fun and beat up trunk at an estate sale recently.  I loved the style and the fact it has casters underneath so it moves around easily.

Here are the before pictures.

 The first step was to clean the piece.  I used a vinegar and water solution to clean the wood.  After the trunk was dry, I sanded the top with 120 grit sandpaper, then 220 grit to give it a nice smooth finish.  I stained the top a mix of jacobean and dark walnut stain.

For the rest of the trunk I used my favorite navy blue paint, General Finished Coastal Blue.  

Last, but not least I used a stencil I'd bought a few weeks ago from Royal Design Studio.  I instantly fell in love with the fun pattern and knew it would finish the trunk off perfectly.  The Stencil I used is the Otomi Mexican Folk Art Furniture Stencil.  If you haven't used Royal Design stencils before, make sure you have a look at all the amazing options they offer! (and no I didn't get any compensation for writing this post)

Once the stencil was on, I waxed the entire trunk with a clear wax and I was done!  

Here's how it looks now.

 I absolutely LOVE how this trunk turned out.  When Hunter saw it all done he begged me to let him keep it, but unfortunately the last thing either of us needs is more storage for toys!

I hope you enjoy this makeover as much as I do.  Anytime I can transform a piece of furniture into something fun and quirky, I do!

Thank you for reading and take care,


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