From Eye Sore to Dream She-Shed

In June we made the choice to move our little family from our home of three years, to a home in the country with ten acres and a pond.

  For the last few months, life has been a true adventure.  We've had to quickly learn how to deal with taking care of property, a pond, critters, leaves, tree branches....the list goes on and on.  

 It's been fun and a learning experience and I feel like we're finally making some progress and starting to settle in to life in the 'country'.  

Today I'm writing about a project I started in August.  

There's a little 'house' or shed on the property near the pond.  It was one of the features I fell in love with when we found this house.  I've always wanted a barn, that will come later, but for now I have this fun little 'pond house' that needed a serious makeover.

These pictures are from the listing and show you what I started with.   

The Yellow Cabinet Makeover

I'm happy to be sharing this project with you today!  

Last year a neighbor offered to give me a cabinet she had sitting in her garage collecting dust.  Of course I said, "Yes!" and then the cabinet sat waiting in the garage for me to get around to making it pretty.