From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Nightstand Makeover

Our previous neighborhood had a yearly garage sale.  I participated myself, but had a few minutes to run out and shop some of the other houses in the neighborhood to see what they had for sale.  

I found this sad little white night stand and when I brought it home, the hubby thought I was crazy.  Several times over the last couple years he's said I should just throw it away.  Anytime someone says this to me, especially the hubby, it only motivates me to show that I have a vision for the piece and I can make it pretty again.

This is what I started with.

Sorry I don't have any in-progress pictures, but I can explain my process

I cleaned and I sanded the lightly finish on the entire night stand and used a soy based stripper on the top to remove the gunky paint.  I knew the piece was solid wood and anytime I can strip the top and bring out the wood, I do.  

This night stand was a custom piece for a client whose vanity I recently completed.  She wanted the piece to match the vanity, which was white and dark walnut.  

After I stripped and sanded the top, I stained the top a dark walnut, then sealed it with poly and a coat of DBPC brown wax.  

There was so much space between the drawer and the bottom of the nightstand that I felt it needed a shelf so I decided to add a shelf.   The shelf was attached using a cleat on the inner side of the nightstand.  I cut some wood I had on hand to size using my table saw, and attached it with wood glue and brad nails.  I also added a strip of wood on the front to trim out the shelf and hide the cleats.  

The next step was to stain the parts of the night stand that would be distressed so the color would match the top and the added shelf once distressed.   Then I painted the body of the nightstand, including the cleats for the shelf Dixie Belle Paint Company's Cotton.  Cotton is a nice pure white without a lot of blue under tones.  It's my new favorite pure white paint color.  

Once the body of the nightstand was painted with two coats of Cotton, I sealed the paint with Dixie Belle Paint Co. white wax.  

The next stop was staining the top and the shelf a dark walnut stain and sealing them with poly and Dixie Belle brown wax.  

For the drawer, I decoupaged the inside of the drawer with my favorite map paper and gave it a few coats of Mod Podge to seal the paper.  I added a vintage drawer pull spray painted an oil rubbed bronze and I was done.  

 I really love how this nightstand transformed from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!  It's pieces like this that give me the most satisfaction.  Everyone wanted to get rid of this piece and toss it in the dump, but I could see past the dingy and boring and see the beauty it could become.

Best part is, the client loves it and it will be perfect in her 6 year old daughter's room and match her brand new updated vanity perfectly.

I love what I do and the people I'm lucky to work with.  I recently became a Dixie Belle Paint Retailer, so if you're looking for an amazing paint with great coverage that's easy to use, send me a message at  I'd love to answer any of your paint questions!  

Thank you as always for taking the time to read this post and follow along here at My Passion For Decor.


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